Why Can’t I Dry My Hair at a Hotel?

I’m going to start with a small aside, because it made me laugh rather than get me annoyed for once.

I’m having a lazy break at a beach hotel in the Med at the moment and at breakfast these kids were counting trading cards with their mum in English (although they weren’t english). I couldn’t really see what kind of cards they were, but they were bright yellow and white. I didn’t think much more about it but I saw the kids sitting on the steps later that morning with cards in hand. On closer inspection I noticed each card had a girl on it. Being a nosey kind of person I looked again to try to make out if these girls were from a group or movie (Hannah Montana perhaps?). I probably shouldn’t have looked. Each card had a phone number on it. These kids had obviously found a bunch of…lets say…escort ladies cards somewhere in town, collected them and were now using them to play with. Love it. Love their mum!

I’d love to be able to segue nicely into the point of this blog post, but my imagination just isn’t helping right now.

Hair Dryers in hotel

What on earth is this contraption?

So I’ll go right ahead. Hairdryers in hotels. Seriously. Whats up with them? I know I did a post recently about hand dryers, but please, public toilets are free so I understand somewhat when things aren’t quite up to standard. Hotels are not. So what on earth is THIS all about?

This so-called hairdryer is like an extra from the movie Short Circuit, or one of those Robot movies form the 80’s. An amazingly ugly contraption these boxy masterpieces seem to crop up in any number of hotels I visit. Fair enough, I don’t tend to stay in too many 5 star hotels who I’m sure wouldn’t dream of offering these to their guests (well, I would hope not), but even at moderately decent hotels I’m amazed at how many times I see these.

If you have never come across these hair dryers before, basically, its a hose stuck to the wall blowing warm-ish air. Slowly. The chance of them being able to dry your hair in a normal, acceptable time period is next to none – so you have to leave about an hour of your time between washing, drying and actually leaving the bathroom with vaguely acceptable hair.

I’m not sure if these hair dryers are put in hotels to stop guests from stealing them (although I often feel like ripping them off the wall), or simply the hotel is in collusion with airports selling underpowered travel dryers. Whatever they were put into the hotel world for, I beg of a Mr Dyson or someone equally creative to come up with a better suggestion for a hair dryer – perhaps, I don’t know, a normal hair dryer would suffice?


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