Are you a Shopaholic? C4 WANT YOU!

I’ve been asked by a TV production company to ask my readers if any of you are, or know a shopaholic. It sounds like a fun show, so please do get in touch if any of this resonates with you.

Here’s some more information:


Does your other half buy every faddy home appliance from smoothie makers to exercise bikes?

Or do you have to own the latest gadgets from mobile phones to tablets and games consoles?

Or does your friend have to fill their home with the most lavish and on trend home accessories?

Do you love shopping for clothes and fashion? Or despair of your spouse and their shoe collection?

Shopping has become one of Britain’s favourite leisure activities and we are looking for lively, fun people to talk about their families spending habits.

If any of the above sounds like you or someone you know please get in touch with our team ASAP! Email:

If you prefer to call them directly, please contact me and I’ll send you a phone number

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Don’t Throw Away Those Batteries! Win a Duracell ‘Second Life’ Retro Box of Goodies

Like most parents, batteries are the scourge of our house. I go through loads of them – toys, games, gadgets. I try to have a stock of AA’s at all times!

I was amazed to find out from Duracell that over 30% of all batteries thrown away may still have up to 67% of usable power left inside.

67%!! Thats crazy!

Apparently, some high-powered gadgets such as digital cameras and mp3 players may ‘switch off’ before all the power is used up – however, in reality the battery is anything but dead and can power low drain devices, such as alarm clocks or TV remotes for a long time

To combat this waste of batteries, Duracell is working with Energy Saving Trust to help consumers maximise battery power. They want to get people to tap into unused resource and reduce wastage by giving their batteries a second life. Their unique Duracell Ultra Power batteries even have a built-in powercheck that allows you to see how much energy is left inside (I LOVE those batteries!!)

Duracell Second Life Box of Retro Goodies

Pac Man, tetris, Arcade Money Box – what more could you want!

To prove a point, Duracell sent me a fantastic box of very cool retro goodies in order to give them a ‘second life’ – that is, use batteries that I assumed were dead, to power up a Pac Man clock or Retro radio alarm clock. So I did – and they were right! I took some old batteries from a digital camera and put them in the clock radio and it worked…perfectly.



LED Duracell Bunny

Duracell have kindly offered an iconic retro-box to one of Gadget Mum’s readers.

All you have to do is watch the YouTube video below, which shows how a very cute LED bunny can be built from ‘presumed dead’ batteries, and answer the question using the rafflecopter app. There’s also some bonus entry opportunities

The retro ‘second-life’ box includes:

  • Retro Radio Alarm Clock
  • Pac Man Wall Clock
  • Arcade Game Money Box
  • Tetris Mug
  • Retro Sweets :-)
  • A Pack of Duracell Ultra Power

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Warm Up and Win with Samsung Hope Relay

I don’t usually promote external competitions, but Samsung’s Hope Relay that launched for the Olympics was such a good idea and this competition has some fantastic prizes that I’m happy to put the word out

Warm Up and Win Big with Samsung

And here’s the details:

As part of the Samsung Hope Relay Samsung are running their Warm and Win Competition, and it is now live!

It is really easy to take part in Samsung’s Warm Up and Win Competition. All you need to do is to choose one of the video challenges. There is a choice of Relay Run, Long Leap, Triple Jump or Star Jumps. Film a five second video of you taking part in the challenge and then upload it here:

All the video clips are going to be made into a Samsung’s Hope Relay Video.

Prizes up for grabs

  •          1st prize – £5,000 John Lewis Voucher + GSIII Mobile Phone
  •          2nd Prize – £2012 sports Voucher + GSIII Mobile Phone
  •          3rd Prize – GSIII Mobile Phone + Galaxy Tab

Good luck and let me know below if you’ve made a video.

If you want to know more about the Samsung Hope Relay, click here

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Giveaway – Win a £50 Voucher for Red Letter Days Courtesy of

The energy comparison team at have kindly offered Gadgetmum readers the opportunity to win £50 worth of Red Letter Days vouchers!

Saving on your energy bills is a comparison website, helping you save over £1000 on your household bills

To win, simply answer the question by commenting on the post below. Follow the simple instructions using the Rafflecopter widget. Extra entries are available via twitter and Facebook.

good luck :-)
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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How Our Gadget Habits Can Make Us All a Little Bit Greener

I knew posting an infographic would lead to something! But I love them, and here’s one thats really relevant to us gadget freaks – and those of us trying to make ourselves that bit greener. Oh, I’ll also do a great giveaway too! I Promise (it’ll be the very next post!)

MoneySupermarket recently ran a huge survey about our gadget-use and have created a useful infographic that aims to make us make our gadgets make sense for the environment. It really does make fascinating reading with  some great ideas

Image source: MoneySupermarket

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