Regrets? I Have But a Few and I Blame Space Invaders

I try not to regret anything. Even the fact that I don’t have an iPad2 – I’ll get over it. I have a tablet, I make do.

But there is one thing I really wanted as a kid and never got it.

All I ever wanted was an Atari games console

I didn’t own an Atari and I really wanted one.

I mean – everyone had an Atari didn’t they?

Except me. The petulant sulky child returns everytime I think about it. Sure, I could go round to my friends and play, but it just wasn’t the same. Why couldn’t I have my own Atari, at home, so I could play whatever game I wanted whenever I wanted. Except of course, I couldn’t – because I have an older brother and I’m sure he would have fought and won the supremacy wars.

The trouble also with playing at friend’s houses is that you just don’t become very good at games. It was imperative that you had to be great at Space Invaders, Asteroids and of course Pong – the greatest table tennis game in the history of table tennis arcade games

Sure, we had a games console – It might have been a  Texas Instruments, or even a rip-off of a Texas Instruments, but whatever it was, it just wasn’t an Atari with its classic wood veneer finish. Classy.

Was there anything you regretted not having as a kid – and do you look back on it and laugh or cry?

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