How did Parents Survive Before Google?

before google

I don’t think i’m particularly stupid. I’m no Einstein either but all in all, I think I get along fine.

Until my daughter went to school.

Suddenly I had to become a huge encyclopedic vat full of immediate knowledge and answers. I have to know every historic person, living or dead. Their thoughts, their family, their vitals. I have to understand and explain every natural phenomenon, every geographical fact and figure, every scientific discovery as if I had discovered it.

And I had to have the answers NOW – not in 5 minutes, when the question has been long forgotten. But NOW! Pronto! MUMMMMMMMMY I WANNA KNOW (that’s a bit unfair, she doesn’t whine like that. Its more constant repetition of the question until neither she nor I can bear it anymore)

Now, I’m not complaining that my daughter is so interested in things she learns at school or from books. Far from it. In fact, I thoroughly encourage it. I think its great she has so many questions and I really do try to answer them as best I can. But, for now, I just have to offer my thanks to Google. My best buddy. My friend in need. My educational support system. And not only that, I have to thank the smart phone that’s glued to me all day that gives me access to Google . Because without that, I have nothing.  I can just hear the never-ending rings of ‘who?’ ‘why?’ ‘what?’ ‘when?’ ‘how?’ reverberating in my ears. I know I could make up the answer, but you just know that’ll come back and bite you in the bum one day in the future.

So i’m trying to think back as to how parents did it PG (Pre-Google). I know we had encyclopedias – but using those was a rare occasion. And they didn’t cover everything, especially present-day questions. It didn’t cover modern authors and films and dancers and singers and modern-day environmental phenomenons. Did we just not ask the same amount of questions? Did my parents actually know everything (this makes me laugh!) Or was there just less ‘things’ going on that we wanted to know about? I half guess its the reason why we were so independent then.

“Mummy, Daddy, how many people live in China?”

“Its such a nice day, why don’t you play outside”

it would be great to know what the most difficult question your child has ever asked you. Let me know in the comments below

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