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Happy National Coffee Day – Can I have a Nespresso Please

Thursday was National Coffee Day. So cheers to the black nectar that over the years has become a ridiculously huge industry with a coffee shop on the corner of every street. A few years ago I was wandering around John … Continue reading

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No Pens Day

Today is No Pens Day. This is a government initiative asking schools to teach via speaking and listening only – no writing allowed The day is part of a campaign being run by the hello campaign backed by Government and private … Continue reading

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The Kindle – Could I Really Give Up Paper?

Whenever I mention an e-reader, or Kindle to someone who reads a lot I can almost see the defence shutters snap into place ‘oh no no…I couldn’t use that, I like my books’ I do find this response somewhat odd. … Continue reading

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Do You Self-Scan Or Use The Normal Checkout

As I was dragging my temperamental and hugely tired daughter (LM) around Tesco today, I was already asking the question “should I self-scan today or wait in the queue?.” Its a question I ask myself almost everytime I go to … Continue reading

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Introducing Technology To Children. How Young is Too Young?

I’ve been thinking about how to broach this topic for quite a while and i think this maybe a recurring topic which hopefully will create some interesting opinions and views. My daughter (LM) is 2 1/2 yrs old. She’s currently … Continue reading

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