Only Dyson Could Make Public Loos Slightly More Pleasant

When you gotta go, you just gotta go.

I’ll put my hands up and say, I absolutely hate public toilets. I don’t care where they are and how nice they are, I hate them.

I tend to rank them on the amount of my hatred. John Lewis comes at the top for the least hated, whilst every fastfood restaurant chain, pub – family or otherwise and cafe come at the bottom.

This may seem slightly exaggerated to some, but I don’t think so. They’re despicable cesspits of stinking, dirty,  unhygenic hell-holes. But unfortunately they’re also an absolute necessity, especially for mummies. Be it the kids who have to wait until the last second bursting for a wee or for us mums who’s bladders have never been the same since post-baby delivery horrors – something they don’t tell you in oh-so-naturale ante-natal classes.

If you’re like me (and if you’re still reading this without disappearing in disgust, you probably are), then there’s one thing worse than the paperless, dirty, lock-broken cubicles without a working flush and thats what happens after. You have to go through the imposition of washing your hands with stinking pink glop shamefully called soap and a cold drip of water, if you’re lucky. Then there’s drying your hands. If you’re lucky there might be some paper towels at your disposal, although most likely so thin you need about 20 or stuck in their holder so you have to pull out the whole lot. Worse still, all the paper towels available are wet on one side – wet with what you’d rather not know.

Or there’s the hand dryer – a rusting sticky contraption that either doesn’t work or refuses to dry anything even when it does.

Dyson hand Dryers

The Dyson Hand Dryer is a Small Lifesaver for the Public Loo

So I can only hold my wet hands out in thanks to Mr Dyson and his ingenious hand dryers. Finally someone has thought about the intolerable nature of public toilets and done something slightly positive for us – the public part. In fact, I sometimes even break into a small smile when I see a Dyson Hand dryer in a toilet – its one of those devices that makes you feel slightly fresher when you leave the loo. Not only does it dry your hands quickly and hygenically, it warms them up on a cold day and, call me childish, but I love watching my skin stretch and pull from the power of the air

So Mr Dyson, even though I may have given up on your over-priced but wonderful floor cleaners, I am forever in your debt for presenting us mums something that makes going into a public loo slightly more bearable

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4 Responses to Only Dyson Could Make Public Loos Slightly More Pleasant

  1. MultipleMum says:

    Geez. Public loos in the UK must be pretty feral to bring such emotive language to your post!? We have the same hand-dryers all the way out here in the colony and I have to agree that Mr Dyson is indeed a very clever man. x

  2. Nikki Thomas says:

    I hate public toilets with a passion and often envy men for whom life is much easier in this context! I have developed a great way of sitting without actually sitting down and always have lots of wipes! Although I have to say some if the public toilets in France make our ones look very civilised! Found you through blow your own blog horn btw

  3. I arrived here via the Blow your Bloghorn.

    I also love the Dyson hand driers, though I have found a flaw as the get older. It’s difficult to dry the very tips of your fingers, as old sensors don’t seem to detect just fingers. Otherwise I just adore them.

    I have one pet peeve you missed though. I’m not sure what part of he country you’re in, but where my family live in Yorkshire I’ve noticed it’s common not to heat the toilets. I know you’re not in there for long, but you do tend to bare all while there! Personally, I just don’t find shivering in the cold all that helpful when going to the loo.

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