I’m Back!

typewriterSo…after almost 4 years of inactivty, I’ve decided to return.
I can’t excuse where i’ve been, because I’ve been nowhere to be honest. But in those years, my Little Monster is now a slightly bigger one at 7yrs old and running the house and I have a new Little Monster. He’s 2 now and just starting nursery – which slightly explains my return.
My 3hrs of freedom is basically me getting back onto the laptop.
In those 4 years I’ve gone through 2 laptops and 2 ipads. Don’t you just love kids!
Gadgets haven’t changed too much. They’ve just got better and prettier and thinner. The opposite of me I guess 🙂

So, I’ll leave it here for now because I’ve got a really fun giveaway to launch my return to blogging. Its kinda fun and stupid and sums me up perfectly.

Catch ya soon!


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4 Responses to I’m Back!

  1. Ninjacat says:

    Welcome back old bean

  2. Staffstechgirl says:

    Well if it ain’t an old bean.
    Lovely to see you back.

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