Win a Blackpool Tower Attraction BIG Family Ticket – Winner Announced

The Blackpool Tower is one of those Iconic British attractions that continues to captivate tourists from across the UK and around the world.

If you’re in the North West and want a fantastic Day Out in Blackpool, then the Tower is the place to go, with an amazing 8 attractions in and around the tower.

There’s something for everyone at the Tower, including the Blackpool Tower Dungeons, the Blackpool Tower Eye and Sea Life Blackpool

One of the most famous institutions however, has to be the Blackpool Tower Ballroom. Whether its the sounds of the Wurlitzer, gliding through a traditional Blackpool Ballroom Dance, or just enjoying an Afternoon Tea,  its a must-see both on and off the dancefloor.

The Blackpool Tower have kindly offered readers of Gadget Mum the chance to win a BIG family ticket for four (up to 2 adults and 2 children or 4 friends) to the Blackpool Tower Attractions. That’s worth a massive £120 and offers you entry to each of the 7 attractions (please see website for terms of use)

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61 Responses to Win a Blackpool Tower Attraction BIG Family Ticket – Winner Announced

  1. I think we would visit the Sea Life Centre first as Bud loves fish.

  2. Flo Foxes says:

    Ohh lush prize..a little ballroom peeks and sealife wonders… perfect treat..thanks for the chance to play and win

  3. The kids would choose Jungle Jim’s but I’d love to see the Ballroom


  4. Suzanne Cooke says:

    we love the sea life centre.

  5. Karen says:

    I’d definitely go to the circus first

  6. claire woods says:

    The dungeon

  7. Emma Howard says:

    I’d love to visit the dungeons!

  8. Kay McKenna says:

    We would head straight for the dungeons!

  9. Ashleigh says:

    The blackpool tower circus!

  10. Claire Smith says:

    Sea Life Centre

  11. Lucy Pasifull says:

    I would visit the tower eye first of all to see the view.

  12. c tindale says:

    sea life centre!

  13. Lindy says:

    Would have to be sea life centre Maxx loves it and so do I.

  14. jimmy paton says:

    wow brill prize hope you had a nice xmas xxxx

  15. Andrew Cakebread says:

    Blackpool dungeons, nothing beats being scared witless 🙂

  16. deb knaggs says:

    definitely the circus – i went many years ago it was wonderful – would love my children to see it now – fingers crossed xxx

  17. Colette Mellor says:

    I love Blackpool and we would head for the Dungeons first!

  18. Marta P says:

    Jungle Jim’s for the kids!

  19. Susan Seaman says:

    My partner has never been to blackpool and its on our list of to do’s this yr so would be a trip to the top of the tower for some photos

  20. Erica Price says:

    Sealife – son is Octonauts mad.

  21. Margaret Nokling says:

    Love to see the famous ballroom.

  22. Luisa Lauren says:

    We would go to the Dungeon first, my kids love anything a little bit gory and scary.

  23. Kerrie Vella says:

    the dungeon

  24. katherine grieve says:

    Sea life centre

  25. Victoria Wilkinson says:

    The Sea Life Centre

  26. John Gunn says:

    I’d take the little ones to Jungle Jims, they love it!

  27. Melissa Hall says:

    Madame Tussauds

  28. Laura A says:

    Jungle jim’s

  29. Zoe G says:

    Definitely the Blackpool Tower Eye first

  30. Wendy Mills says:

    Not been 4 many years, would love to take my grandchildren

  31. Josie Mellor says:

    We love the sea life centre so that would have to be our first stop.

  32. says:

    Jungle jims! Used to go there as a kid but I remember how much the ropes hurt my feet! Lol

  33. Anne Thompson says:

    I would love to take some fab pictures from the Tower Eye

  34. Angela Walker says:

    The circus

  35. s eddleston says:

    the dungeon good place to get rid of a hangover!

  36. Solange says:

    Sea Life Centre

  37. JAN says:

    Definitely the ballroom -have been in here since I was a little girl and I love it, it always has a special atmosphere 🙂

  38. Allan says:

    I would first visit the dungeon

  39. Roland Foskett says:

    I think I would visit Sea Life Centre first. I just love to ‘sea’ all the fish 😉

  40. Karen Simpson says:

    Definately the ballroom!

  41. Karen Barrett says:

    The Sea Life Centre would be our first port of call.

  42. Margaret Farmer says:

    Madame Tussauds for me

  43. karen humes says:

    the blackpool tower ballroom as my mum and dad met there many many years ago 🙂

  44. Jane Morfett says:

    I think I would visit the Blackpool Tower Circus first!

  45. lucinda duxbury says:

    it would have to be the circus, i havent been to the tower for about 5 or 6 years and the circus was amazing last time so i would love to go again

  46. S Williams says:

    We’d go to the Dungeon first as that’s new since our last visit!

  47. Rachel Edney says:

    So many to choose from, I think probably the circus would top the list.

  48. Emma Oldfield says:

    We love Blackpool tower! The circus is second to none!

  49. janice taylor says:

    The circus

  50. rosie says:

    id go on the big one 🙂

  51. John Mcgovern says:

    The first place I would visit is The Blackpool Tower Dungeon. Having visited the London Dungeon and found it to be an unfogetable experience I can’t wait to see what Blackpool has to offer.

  52. cheryl fothergill says:

    We would probably go to jungle jims and get the kids to burn off some energy lol!

  53. Tracy Gladman says:

    Definitely the circus

  54. maureen quinnell says:

    Off to the dungeons for us

  55. Shirley Harpley says:

    The circus, it’s years since I’ve seen one!

  56. sal warrington says:

    The kids would love this x

  57. Zoe Howarth says:

    I live near Blackpool so would be great for us! x

  58. sue willshee says:

    we would visit the Blackpool eye. We love 4d cinema experiences. the last one we did was a Pirates adventure at Lands end and both girls loved having the back of their legs tickled by ‘mice’ and being splashed by water. I imagine the Blackpool version is equally good fun @piperanddaisy

  59. Sue Robinson says:

    Jungle Jims would be first on my list to tire the tiny terrors out 🙂

  60. leahJane says:

    Have not done the tower for to do it again..great prize..have tweeted etc etc..thanks

  61. leahJane says:

    i am first for 2012 good luck everyone!!

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