Meeting Santa – Kodak Christmas Photo Craft Challenge

I had a lot of fun with Kodak and Britmum’s previous Big App challenge and I’m very excited and chuffed to say I won one of the Kodak printers.

So it was great to see that the collaboration have launched another challenge and  I thought I’d have a go at this one as well.

The challenge this time was:

to highlight how mums and dads can use their printer and Kodak’s cheaper-than-you’d-think printer ink to create gorgeous Christmas decorations, treasured keepsakes and memorable gifts

I’m fortunate to have travelled extensively over the years so again, I thought I’d use my travels for my inspiration. Whilst in the previous challenge I used the hot and summery Mexico, naturally, for this task, I decided to rummage through the wintery and more festive places – so I chose my fantastic road trip around Alaska to inspire me.

Just one note – if you ever get to travel to any US State in your life, try and make it Alaska. Its truly, truly stunning; the home to Denali National Park, Glaciers, Brown Bears, Moose, Northern Lights, the oil pipeline and the most amazingly beautiful scenery.

The other thing about Alaska is that its the home to Santa Claus. Yes, Santa does indeed live in Alaska, in the North Pole on St Nicholas Street, and I was fortunate enough to meet Mr and  Mrs Claus in their home.

You need to keep your camera open for 30 seconds to take this, but its worth it

The North Pole, Alaska is on the way to Fairbanks, where many people venture to see the Northern Lights.

Its an extremely small town that includes the ubiquitous RV park (caravan park), which is a constant sight across the US and some festive street names; Santa Claus Lane, St. Nicholas Drive, Snowman Lane, and Kris Kringle Drive


Of course, Santa Claus’s House is the main attraction in the North Pole, complete with Santa’s reindeer. Its essentially a shop which sells all kinds of Christmas memorabilia and a bit more that you would never dream existed, but ultimately you really just want to meet Santa and of course, he obliges.

So, to get to the challenge, I thought I’d use my photo of Santa and his wife, Mrs Claus and get slightly crafty – just slightly of course, since  I don’t really have a crafty bone in my body. I thought this photo was traditional and fun and extremely Christmassy. I opened up Microsoft Word, used some Christmas font (Bonnet Font with Santa hats) and created a small note card that I could print off for my presents.

It was really simple, just adding a small green border and some holly clipart and probably proves that anyone can do it! Enjoy – here’s my challenge entry

Meet Mr and Mrs Claus

I'm Taking Part in the Kodak Christmas Photo Craft Challenge

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7 Responses to Meeting Santa – Kodak Christmas Photo Craft Challenge

  1. Wow, your picture of the Northern Lights is amazing! Loving Santa and his missus too 🙂 Good luck in the comp .

    • gadgetmum says:

      Thanks – the northern lights one was a comedy of errors – we saw them whilst driving, so pulled off the highway and I had nothing to balance my camera so I could open up the exposure – ended up balancing it on a packet of bicuits resting on the bonnet! But hey, it worked 🙂

  2. Holly says:

    How cool is that picture of the Northern Lights?!

  3. I like the creative use of the font. I struggle with projects like this – thanks for the description of how you did it.

    • gadgetmum says:

      I’m really rubbish with them – thats why I used Word. It doesn’t really show the photo well either – its a really nice photo, honest!

  4. WOW, Alaska looks amazing! I would LOVE to see the northern lights!

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