Review and Giveaway – JML Direct Mylene Klass Nailwraps – Winner Announced

JML Direct is one of those companies that launch a number of diverse products – like the Ped Egg I reviewed recently.

They have since asked me to review their new Mylene Klass Nailwraps and I had to keep checking the name of the blog – no, they’re not necessarily a gadget and I won’t even attempt to pretend they are, but they do ‘make our life easier’  Whichever way I look at it, I thought why not – most of us want our nails to look great at all times and if these make it easier, then I’m ok with that.

But I’m not really a nail expert to be honest, so I thought I’d give them to my sister-in-law, who’s a manicurist by profession, to review and therefore absolutely qualified in knowing what she’s talking about when it comes to nails.

And here is the result and her opinion:

“The set is packaged really well and comes complete with a nail file which is a nice touch. The wraps are good quality and not thin – which is important. They’re extremely easy to apply with a smooth finish  and no crinkling on the end. All in all, they’re great for a night out if you want instantly nice nails”

There are 5 designer Mylene Klass Nailwraps sets to choose from and each design comes in 24 different shapes and sizes,

You can buy Mylene Klass Nailwraps in packs of 5 designs for £19.99 direct from JML by clicking here


JML have kindly offered to giveaway a couple of packs of nailwraps to one reader.

To enter, simply follow these instructions:

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83 Responses to Review and Giveaway – JML Direct Mylene Klass Nailwraps – Winner Announced

  1. Kate Cunningham says:

    Lovely restaurant, not too busy or noisy so you can carry a conversation easily, good food, attentive service, great wine. Oh I know just the place. And I’m going soon!

  2. jonathan collins says:

    my perfect night would be, no kids for the whole night, a meal, cinema.

  3. Kim Carberry says:

    My perfect night out is a night with my girly friends….Something to eat then onto Karaoke then a greasy, fatty takeaway on the way home….Classy eh?….lol

  4. Carolina J. says:

    Lovely restaurant with delicious food and the pleasant company of my husband.

  5. Kerry Brown says:

    goin to the cinema with friends, having a good meal and a couple of drinks too lol

  6. Jane says:

    My perfect night out is probably a lovely meal, maybe a film, and lots of good company! 🙂

  7. Karen says:

    I love a night out at a good restaurant with good company. Plenty of laughter, food and booze

  8. Lyn says:

    When my family and friends get together in a nice restaurant.

  9. claire woods says:

    Meal and cinema on our own away from kids sounds perfect to me!

  10. helen says:

    A night out in a trendy pub with someone who makes me laugh

  11. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    The perfect night out is a boozy night out in the town with my girls.

  12. my perfect night out would be in several nice bars drinking cocktails then onto a club only to discover a private party somewhere that led onto stumbling home bleary-eyed at dawn.

    well, it used to be. these days i like a nice meal out (so someone else has to wash up) and then home at a reasonable hour.

  13. My idea for the perfect night out is spending a few hours getting ready with the girls and a few glasses of wine. Hair, make up, nails! And then going to a really nice restaurant with some amazing food – and then on to a classy bar for some cocktails where we meet up with the boys. So I get the best of everything all in one night!

  14. Kirsty Fox says:

    I’m not much of a party girl so a lovely restaurant and some dancing would be nice

  15. Ashleigh says:

    a nice meal and a bottle of wine!

  16. Claire Smith says:

    Theatre then a nice meal!

  17. Sharon Griffin says:

    A trip to the cinema to see a good film , a carton of popcorn and my partner by my side x

  18. Melanie Hunt says:

    a lovely meal out , bottle of wine , child free !! 🙂

  19. Emma Craven says:

    Night at the theatre and a stayover in a secluded luxury hotel…

  20. iain maciver says:

    a nice dinner that i dont have to cook myself

  21. Lindy says:

    A trip to the theatre

  22. Tammie Prince says:

    a night out with my husband and friends for a bite to eat and a few drinks and lost of laughter!

  23. Gemma Turner says:

    I love getting all dolled up with the girls for cocktails and dancing!

  24. emma cella says:

    A restaurant with delicious food and the pleasant and my husband

  25. Simply a lovely meal with my hubby, good food, and nice wine!

  26. Hannah Bartram says:

    My perfect night would be going out with my husband for a lovely meal somewhere nice.

  27. Jayne K says:

    A beach barbecue

  28. helen rhoads says:

    A good film followed by a great meal with my husband

  29. Suzanne sendell says:

    Perfect night out Is staying In with friends,no waiting for taxi and paying silly prices for drinks,then you can crash out whenever you want

  30. Maya Russell says:

    A long, romantic meal at a great restaurant is my idea of a great night out.

  31. AIMEE SWIFT says:

    My perfect night would be a full nights sleep 🙂

  32. hazel wright says:

    My perfect night out is wine and nibbles with friends. Can’t beat good company! In fact that will be my New Years Eve with the added fun of fancy dress!

  33. CAthyj says:

    somewhere where me and the girls can have nice food, drink and a boogie

  34. sheila says:

    Dinner with friends

  35. Georgina Ball says:

    Pub, booze, friends, dancing and prehaps some kareoke

  36. Harpal Kaur says:

    A night in with a chick flick and chocolate

  37. Kate O'Neill says:

    A night at the theatre, followed by a fab meal with copious amounts of champagne

  38. diane findlay says:

    nice prize

  39. Samantha Deakin says:

    I bought something similar to this recently from Claire’s Accessories. They lasted a day before they came off so I hope these are better. Mind you, I’ve always been impressed with JML products so far.

  40. Zoe G says:

    A perfect night out for me is no kids, and to go out for a meal with my hubby, bliss

  41. Rebecca Denyer says:

    My perfect night would be no kids and dinner and drinks with my bf followed by a naughty night in a hotel x

  42. lucinda duxbury says:

    i dont do clubbing or boozing much and mire, so i would like a nice meal and film at the cinema with my friends

  43. Angela Walker says:

    Great Prize

  44. Dawn Adams says:

    Good company and lots of giggles

  45. Solange says:

    Meal and cinema with my lovely boyfriend

  46. DENISE CROSS says:

    A wonderful local restaurant with my wonderful other half

  47. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    Going to a nice restaurant with my husband x

  48. Joanne B says:

    meal out then on to the cinema would be great!

  49. jenna rothen says:

    nice meal out would be great

  50. Deborah Wheeler says:

    Perfect night out would be a nice meal and a few drinks with friends


    A perfect night out is go to the theatre

  52. Karen Scammell says:

    doing something fun like badger watching or bat watching

  53. Michelle Edmonds says:

    Nice meal with cocktails, film at the cinema and a bedtime cuddle with hubby

  54. Shona says:

    Good food and good company!

  55. hazel rush says:

    Good food, good company and some good wine!

  56. Milly says:

    My idea of a perfect night out is rocking out at a concert, followed by partying VIP style with the band, champers not optional!

  57. Isabelle Smith says:

    Good film, hot choccie with cream and marshmellows and my bed 😀

  58. Gabrielle Svensson says:

    Going to a nice restaurant with my husband.

  59. Laura Pritchard says:

    It would be a cocktail in a fun bar with my husband followed by tickets to a West End show & a night in a fancy hotel.

  60. Michelle Williams says:

    A night out at the pictures to see a great movie

  61. Melanie McNair says:

    A night out with the girls to see a local rock band like Trucker Diablo or Million $ Reload. Good music, good friends and some drinks..perfect

  62. Melissa Hall says:

    A nice meal, then the theatre, then a few drinks in a posh club 🙂

  63. Mark Macdonald says:

    Getting a break from my three young kids so i can treat my wife to a lovley night out.

  64. Lisa Mundy says:

    Romantic candle lit dinner in a quiet restaurant with just me and my hubby

  65. katherine grieve says:

    a meal with my family

  66. Holly Green says:

    Perfect night out would be a nice meal out in London and a trip to the theatre with my other half – we’ve done it a few times now and I love it!

  67. jane steels says:

    going out for a nice meal with the family.

  68. Emma Smith says:

    Great food, great wine and fantastic company.

  69. Maria Knight says:

    A night in a traditional pub with a hearty meal, a couple of warming drinks and a roaring fire.

  70. Jennifer Stokes says:

    My perfect night out would be to see a comedian. Laughter really is the best medicine!

  71. My perfect night out would be a Mexican meal, followed by a metal gig with my hubbie!

  72. Sara says:

    Peace. Quiet. And a nice hot bath

  73. Katie Skeoch says:

    Cocktail night!! Or a night where I have the remote all to myself xx

  74. Jules says:

    Night of family fun and games 🙂

  75. Amy Watson says:

    Nice meal out with my family then go the pub with all my friends and watch my mates band #battleofthebands

  76. leahJane says:

    done all lovely prize ..first post for you for 2012,,

  77. Alice Hindley says:

    Curry at the local Indian Restaurant followed by a movie at the cinema

  78. Sarah Parker says:

    out for dinner with my hubby 🙂

  79. Kathryn says:

    Cocktails with the girls <3

  80. Zee Jay says:

    My idea of a perfect night out would be cinema followed by an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet! x

  81. Christina Cooke says:

    My perfect night out would be a meal, drinks and a laugh with my fella – on a purely kiddie free night! x

  82. elaine robinson says:

    my perfect night would be with the girls,plenty of alcohol and plenty of gossip.

  83. Natasha Ely says:

    My perfect night out would include good food, great company and conversations which feel like the world has been put to rights!

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