Review – The Ped Egg from JML Direct

The Ped Egg is one of those products that I’ve seen many times, both instore and on TV but have never had the guts to really try it out, so when JML Direct offered to send me one to review, I just had to give it a go.

The Ped Egg aims to keep your feet smooth. Thats no bad thing.

Its essentially a gadget that rids your feet of dry skin and its shaped like an egg – hence the name! The egg-shape is also ergonomically designed to fit nicely in the palm of your hand so there is good reason for it.

When I first received the Ped Egg, it did look a bit scary. A bit like a lemon zester, or very small grater. However, I put aside my overactive imagination and took the plunge.

I’ll put a disclaimer out now – I was thinking about how best to show the ped egg visually, but I realised that absolutely no-one would like to see images of my feet, dry skin and shavings *shudder* But I can assure you I did use the Ped Egg and everything I’ve written is an accurate portrayal of my use of it

The egg fits together so that the when you start using it, all the collected dry skin goes into the storage compartment to avoid any mess.

Now, I don’t have too much dry skin on my feet at this time of year – it gets worse if I wear sandals or flip flops, but I do have enough for me to test whether the Ped Egg works. Basically, you hold it over your foot and move it up and down. It doesn’t hurt. At all. In fact, it feels quite nice and as you move over your foot, you really can feel the Ped Egg doing its job. I was amazed at how much dry skin was collected when I opened it up. I used it on my toe and heel, but you can also use it on the ball of your foot.

The ultimate foot exfoliator

When I had finished, I just threw all the shavings away and wiped it clean with a damp cloth. The Ped Egg also comes with an emery board on the back of it, so you can buff your feet and leave it baby soft. Its a nice touch to end off your personal foot pedicure.

I was really impressed by the Ped Egg. Its a really simple but effective way to get rid of the hard skin and callouses on your feet – and even better than that, its really cheap at only £9.99 – if you think about how much it would cost for expensive creams or visits to the beauty salon, its a great little gadget to have in your beauty repertoire

You can buy The Ped Egg directly from JML Direct Here, or at many retailers

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