Gift Guide – Welcome to Family Hexbug

Cute little critters, aren't they

I was fortunate recently to win a Limited Edition Zombie Hexbug Nano – a glow-in-the-dark critter that lives in a coffin. Somewhere amongst all the gifts, gadgets and gizmos I’d forgotten about these great little bugs which provide hours of fun for us kids of all ages.

So I thought I’d add them to the Gift Guide and briefly introduce the current hexbug family


The tiny Hexbug Nano (rrp £8.99) maybe small by nature but is the mightiest of them all . Powered by a motor with 12 legs, the Nano uses vibrations to move and explore its environment, quickly finding its way round complex mazes, flipping itself to right itself and find its balance.  When meeting an object, the Nano quickly switches directions and scurries off with random persistance.


 The latest addition to the Hexbug family is the amazing Spider (rrp £24.99).  The six-legged Spider features 360 degree steering, an LED eye and a 2-channel infrared remote control. The remote allows the user to operate  multiple bugs independently or at the same time. Its also the largest member of the family


The Hexbug Inchworm (rrp £18.99) also makes use of a 2-channel miniature infrared remote control unit.  The inchworm offers seven-way steering with a fascinating crawling motion


The Hexbug Crab (rrp £14.99) is another clever little critter. It uses light and sound sensors to hide in the dark and run from noise. You can control where it scurries and make it change direction by clapping – hours of fun!


The Hexbug Original (rrp £10.99) senses objects in its path and avoids them using its bump sensor feelers. Like the crab, you can control where it scurries and change direction by clapping.


Watch out for the high-speed Hexbug Ant (rrp £10.99) with its probing, tactile antennas and hooked claws. This little bug has front and rear touch sensors allowing it to manoeuvre around objects whilst its wheel-legs scurry around with crazy speed.



So if you’re looking for a fun new family, they’ll make a great gift running riot around the house. You can buy them directly from or a number of shops including Hamleys and Toys R Us.

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  1. Peter Barker says:

    I remember these! Very simple but strangely entrancing!

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