Which New Smartphone Would You Buy? Quick Mobile Phone Poll

So with Christmas arriving quickly, all the phone manufacturers are releasing their latest must-have phones on a variety of new platforms and Nokia’s latest, the Lumia 800, released today, is pinning its hopes on the Windows 7 platform.

If you could buy any of the latest smartphones this Christmas, what would it be?


Which phone would you buy if you were in the market for a smartphone or can upgrade?

Which platform do you rate? Apple’s iOS, the Android, Blackberry or Windows 7? Let me know what you think and your dream phone




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2 Responses to Which New Smartphone Would You Buy? Quick Mobile Phone Poll

  1. christine taylor says:

    Im a SamsungMobiler so love all Android phones.My fave this Xmas has got to be the Samsung Galxay Note which i’ve just done a quick post about – bit.ly/rzragQ x
    Love your posts x

    • gadgetmum says:

      Great post – thanks for linking. Well it looks like I’m about to find out what the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is like so we should compare notes 🙂

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