Gift Guide – Hannspree Zoo TV’s and HansApple Digital Photo Frame

The thing with electronics brands these days is that whilst technology is getting better, the products really do look quite…well…boring. A TV looks like a TV, a digital photo frame looks like a photo frame. Of course, some may look sleeker with curves or well-placed speakers but ultimately they all look the same.

Not so anymore. Hannspree have really made a splash recently because of their great technology and creativity and have brought out a range of TV’s and photo frames that are fun and cute and would be a real talking piece in your house.

Take a bite out of this digital frame from Hannspree

The HannsApple Photo Frame is destined to become a kitsch classic. A great chunky 3D design with excellent detailing, it would look great if you like novelty or modern stylings in your home. The HannsApple has a 7″ LCD screen and show photos from a memory card or USB stick. Functionality includes a clock, alarm and calendar.

At £34.99 it won’t break the bank and I think would make a perfect gift for loved ones – especially if you include a memory card with photos already on it


Hannspree have also gone to town with their new range of TVs. Well, actually, they’ve gone to the zoo.

Hannspree have gone to the zoo with some animal TVs

I love these!

If you think its time to get your little one a TV for their room, or an extra one for the kitchen or the playroom, these are fantastic. The Hannspree range of Zoo TVs are gorgeous 19″ LCD displays surrounded by zoo animals – I kid you not!

Each TV comes complete with faux fur the whole way around and oversized control buttons, making them totally kid-friendly, as well as a talking point for the room. Its also something just that little bit different.

They’re also VESA wall-mountable so if you do think you want to get a TV for your child’s room, but want to control it yourself you can keep the TV away from them on the wall and it would make a great wall decoration as well.

The animals in the range include a crab; a giraffe; a zebra; a polar bear and a camel.

Here’s the techie specs for the TV

  • 16:10 widescreen aspect ratio
  •  dual 2.5W stereo speakers
  •  two sets of HDMI ports for connectivity
  • a VGA port to connect to a computer
  • Scart Socket

I’ve had a Hannspree TV for a while now and it was a fantastic buy and a brand that I’d highly recommend to people. The price for the Zoo TV is £249.99 at shops like Selfridges, but if you can get down to the Hannspree Store at Westfield London, there’s a promotion from November 12 until Christmas to get one for only £149 – which is a great price for any 19″ TV, let alone an animal one!

You can visit the Hannspree website here:

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