Are We There Yet? Bert and Ernie Add Their Voices to Tom Tom


Do you get this in the car? Little Monster isn’t even 3 yet and I got this last week. Well, not those exact words, more a “Have we got to the party yet” but its only a matter of time.

So anything to make life a bit easier or more fun works for me. We travel a lot and I will be writing a few posts about travelling with young kids over the next few weeks – especially on aeroplanes.

However, in the meantime I thought I had to share this with you. It made me laugh and I also realised that actually, this might be a good distraction in the car over long journeys.

The very cute Bert and  Ernie have added their voices to TomTom satnav devices so if you download this add-on to you SatNav, you’ll be hearing Bert and Ernie’s hilarious directions all the way to Sesame Street (or your mother-in-law’s house).

Comments such as  “U-turn ahead, Bert. Just me turn? All of us Bert.” Yes, groan all you like, but it made me laugh!

Here’s the YouTube video they made. Enjoy


If you do have a TomTom you can read more about it and download it (£7.95) here:


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