Gift Guide and Giveaway – Brabantia’s New Kitchen Bin Range and Win a Quickpull Corkscrew – WINNER CHOSEN

Visit the Brabantia Store on Amazon now

If ever bins could be droolworthy, then Brabantia make them. They are the absolute must-have bins for your kitchen and as kitchens become more colourful, Brabantia have launched 6 gorgeous vibrant colours in their new retail collection; including Autumn-inspired Chrome Orange, Lipstick Red and Lemon Yellow, as well as Cobalt Blue, Apple Green and Violet Purple.

Indulge your kitchen with a colourful Brabantia bin

The colourful 45 litre Touch Bins come with all the usual features you’ve come to expect including their fantastic ‘soft touch’ opening, silent lids, plastic inner buckets  to make taking the rubbish out much easier and a 10 year guarantee.

Am I gushing enough for bins? They genuinely are the best bins around and if you’re interested in adding a bit of luxury into your kitchen bin choice and making it a real feature, rather than hiding it in a corner, then these are available at an indulgent £220.

If thats just a bit too much for your pocket but you love the Brabantia name as much as I do, then their new Quickpull Corkscrew will make great stocking fillers or under the tree surprises for mums, dads or friends.

Available in Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red and Yellow

Brabantia kindly gave me a Quickpull to try out and my translucent funky purple grape one was excellent. Not only did it look better than your usual boring old corkscrew, its really easy to use – especially for idiots like me that always has embarrassing moments trying to open wine bottles.

The Quickpull is really light and easy to use and has a clever centering ring to keep it directly in the middle of the cork. If, like me, you have a tendency to split corks (and waste a perfectly good bottle of wine), this ring works to prevent it happening.

Win an Orange Brabantia Quickpull Corkscrew



The Quickpull retails at around £5.60 from most leading houseware retailers and department stores, including their original matt black and white versions but Brabantia have given me an orange Quickpull to giveaway – yay!



Visit the Brabantia Store on Amazon

Buy the Brabantia Napoleon Corkscrew now



All the entries were put into a spreadsheet and the winner was picked using

The winner will have 7 days to claim the prize otherwise I will choose another.

Congratulations Zee Jay – @zeeski on twitter

I will be getting in touch with Zee directly

Thank you to everyone who entered


To win a funky orange Brabantia Quickpull, simply  subscribe to my email/RSS feed by entering your email address in the Subscribe box, or Google  Friends Connect . Comment below to let me know and if you’re already signed up, again just let me know

For 2 additional entries:

1. Follow me on twitter and tweet the following – again, letting me know below that you have done it

RT @humanb3an I want to win a funky Brabantia Quickpull corkscrew via Gadget Mum. Enter Here:

2. Like and share this competition on Facebook and again, let me know you’ve done it

Thats it! Good Luck

Terms and Conditions

– The competition closes on December 4th, 2011

– The winner will be drawn at random from all valid entries

– The prize is an orange Brabantia Quickpull Corkscrew. There is no cash alternative.

– UK only

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