Toilet Training Day 2

I’ve been trying to think of ways to make these toilet training posts slightly less disgusting, but I’m failing miserably. I can and will, however, blame the Little Monster because its her ability to play tricks on me during this hugely unpleasant episode of her development that makes me outline the minutiae of her toilet use.

The first day actually ended reasonably successful. LM decided to sit on me just before supper and about 10 minutes later the inevitable occurred. Once I was duly wet through and realised what was happening (I was wearing jeans before you ask!), I shoved her off me and placed her on the potty. She continued what she was doing there and realised she’d finally wee’d in the potty. The excitement was immediate. It meant she could finally receive her bribery-induced rewards – stickers, veggie percy pigs, squinkies. The excitement continued as she proceeded to wee a further 3 times that evening – in a matter of an hour.

I thought I may have cracked it on the first day. Surely not?

Well, no. Things are never that easy and Day Two has probably been worse than the first.

The day started with a puddle on the floor.


Then things took a strange turn as LM decided to sit on the potty and, well, poo. I couldn’t believe it – and nor could LM as this meant more rewards. Wondering if LM was going to continue this new development, a while later she did it again. On the potty.

I was still in shock from the first time.

And then it took yet another twist as she still refused to wee anywhere but on the floor.

But. I thought. Maybe if we’d cracked the harder part, then I’d be able to call day two a success.

My optimism was soon cut short as later in the day the lovely LM left a delightful package on my kitchen floor.

And so, once again, we’re back to square one. Day three looms and deadline day of Sunday is getting worryingly closer

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