Review of the Ecocamel JetStorm Eco Showerhead

Not only do I like trying to make life easier, its also imperative these days to try to be as eco-friendly as possible and whilst I don’t like being too ‘in-your-face’ about this, its great when companies introduce new products for everyday life that really takes into account the environment.

JetStorm showerhead from Ecocamel

The JetStorm claims to be the most advanced eco showerhead

Ecocamel are one of these companies and I was given the opportunity to test and review their new JetStorm showerhead. Ecocamel claims to be the most advanced eco showerhead, saving 40% on your hot water bills without making any compromises with power or performance.

In number terms, thats a saving of £240 off your bills every year and  a huge 56,000 litres of water. Thats a fantastic financial saving off your hot water bills, especially at a time when we’re all trying to find ways to reduce our outgoings.

So how do they do it? I won’t try to confuse you too much, but here’s the technical bit:

By injecting air into the water stream through a small inlet at the base of the handle, water and air travels at high speed to maintain (or increase) the power of a conventional shower, but using 45% less water. This creates an invigorating spa shower sensation where the water droplets burst easily onto the skin and soak you more efficiently without splashing and wasting water. Using less water means you automatically use less energy to heat it – so you can help save the environment, whilst substantially cutting your bills in the process.

Lightweight and easy to set up

Now, the claims are all very well, but I’m interested in whether a showerhead that can save water will actually perform as well as a normal shower. I’m very serious about my showers – I like them powerful!

Plumbing is not really my strongpoint and I’ve never actually put on my own showerhead before, so I was really surprised how easy it was. You just screw the old one off and screw the JetStorm on. Simple. So the bit I was dreading took all of 10 seconds!

Its a good-looking showerhead with rubber nodules that are really useful when you’re in a hard water area like me. Whilst I have a water softener (no idea how effective mine is though), I do still get a lot of limescale build up on my shower and taps and these rubber nodules are really easy to clean and do prevent the limescale.

The JetStorm Showerhead in action

The all-important part next! I switched on the tap and amazingly, the showerhead didn’t fall off! I am seriously that bad at all things like this, I expected it to fall in the bath and spray water everywhere.

The water pressure was indeed as it said on the box – a really excellent strength and speed of water thats not too fast or heavy that it hurts, or too slow that it feels like a drip (hate that!)

The JetStorm is a really nice showerhead that looks great, works well and most importantly, saves loads of money whilst cutting water wastage and carbon emissions. I’d really recommend it next time you need to change your showerhead and with a retail price of £49.95, it will pay for itself very quickly with the savings you make from your hot water bill.

You can buy the JetStorm showerhead directly from the Ecocamel website here.


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