I digress – Its a Cadbury’s Green Screme Egg

I’m wandering innocently in Superdrug the other day and I get to the till to pay for some nail varnish. My eye, as usual, looks around at the chocolates as I wait in the queue and falls on a green box that looks strangely familiar.

Its an all green all goo egg

Familiar. Yet Not.

Its a creme egg. Its not.

Its green.

Its a green Creme Egg.

I check my phone for the day’s date – October. I’m not that sure of calendars but am pretty sure that we’ve had Easter already. What on earth. YES, its a Cadbury’s green Screme Egg, complete with yucky green yolk. Yum.

Now, i’m usually aware of these types of campaigns but it does seem that I missed these from last year (although in fairness to moi, it was exclusive to Asda, so I must have blinked and missed) – so I was adamant I wouldn’t miss them again and promptly bought two green goo eggs. Lovely.


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One Response to I digress – Its a Cadbury’s Green Screme Egg

  1. Kate Cunningham says:

    Any excuse to have cream eggs throughout the year sounds good to me. I think I might find the green colour strange but sure I would manage to overcome that after a bite or two!

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