Gadget-Free: I Tried, I Failed

I just went 24 hours without a mobile,  without a laptop, without TV, without an MP3 Player, without an e-reader, without radio.

I think i'm totally addicted to gadgets

Can I just say, I never ever want to do that again. I failed miserably.

My fingers started twitching, I kept looking back to see if my phone was next to me, my eyes wandered towards the TV only to see nothing.

It wasn’t even so much the gadgets – it was what was on them. 24 hours without Facebook, Twitter, online news, blogs, gossip. Just the mere thought of it brings me out into a sweat.

Am I really that addicted? Or is it just such a normal part of my life these days that without my portable friends, I’m just a wee bit lost.

I think I could probably go without a laptop, or without a phone for a while. But take it all away from me and its as if I have no idea whats going on in the world.

The biggest issue though is turning it all back on after a day. The sheer volume of tweets, facebook notifications, email, spam is just too much and I’m flooded with things to do and trying desperately to catch up.

I’m sure I’ll go without all my gadgets again, but next time I’ll be prepared. I might even have to buy a newspaper. Shock horror!


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4 Responses to Gadget-Free: I Tried, I Failed

  1. Ben says:

    [quote]I might even have to buy a newspaper.[unquote]

    A what? and where do I buy one? 🙂

  2. Sharne Stiggants says:

    I’m glad this has been tried and tested as I keep badgering my kids to give it all up for a day but it sounds like torture so I don’t think I will push the subject lol.

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