Kids App of the Day – Baby Go! for Blackberry

One of the features I’m planning on making into a recurring theme is mobile app reviews. I currently own a Blackberry, which I’m sure I’ll be blogging about in the near future, but I will also include apps for other platforms including Android and iOS/iPhone.  Hopefully most of the apps I discuss will be available on all platforms anyway.

Whilst I won’t be limiting myself to kids apps, if you, like me, have a kid/s who like stealing your phone away from you I find some of the apps available an absolute lifesaver be it in the car or highchair or when you just need some me-time and they’re hassling you! My Little Monster (LM) mashes the keyboard constantly and I always have to try to remember to lock it before she phones someone I forgot I knew.

One of my absolutely favourite apps on the Blackberry is Baby GO! from Zeebu. Its a free game thats great for 1yr+ and keeps your phone safe as well.  A key mashing game, LM can hit whatever key she likes and the game responds by saying the letter and it appearing somewhere onscreen. For any non-letter keys, a shape appears and a fun sound. The learning element is excellent as your child can learn to associate letters with sounds in a bright colourful way.

baby GO! for Blackberry

BabyGO! is a great free app for all mobile platforms-image from Zeebu

The best thing about it for parents is that it keeps your phone safe. Whatever key is pressed it won’t access the main phone and you can only exit the game via a simple key sequence. It keeps LM occupied in the car and she loves getting me to spell her name or Mummy on it

Baby GO! for Blackberry

Letters and shapes dance around the screen - image from Zeebu

The developers at  Zeebu are parents themselves so they understand fully what a child wants. They’ve also developed a number of other similar games, at the moment for Blackberry and some for Android including Peek-a-go, math-go and baby-go flashcards, as well as Super BabyGO! which features extra downloadable content

Download the Game Here:

BabyGO! for iPhone

BabyGO! for iPad

BabyGO! for Blackberry

BabyGO! for Android

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