Every So Often I Need To Sit Down and Pamper Myself

Most people without a gadget addiction would just say they’re an indulgence, not a necessity. And who am I to argue? Just because I have a small addiction to finding things that promise to make my life easier or more fun, doesn’t mean I don’t understand that its mainly a luxury I could most honestly live without.

So when I talk about this next item I know that in reality, I do not need it – not for health reasons or anything. Its pure unadulterated indulgence who’s only reason for existence is to pamper myself

I’m talking about a massage pad for my chair. Yes, I do own one and whilst I would prefer the ultra-expensive all-encompassing massage chair, the back pad for a tall chair still does wonders for total relaxation

HoMedics Back and Shoulder Massage Cushion

When you need to indulge yourself after a hard days work

To give it its full name, I own a HoMedics SBM-500HA-3GB 2-in-1 Back and Shoulders Massager Cushion with Heat. Sounds impressive doesn’t it!

I got it in a sale for a particularly good price, as it is on the more expensive end of these cushions and if you look around  you can often find really good deals for them (Amazon, I’m talking about you!).

So what of it? Well, if your kids or hubby/wife has made your day particularly difficult, then to be honest, there’s nothing better than a cup of tea and 15 mins of shoulder and back massage. I prefer a shiatsu, but you can get Swedish or Rolling massages with or without heat. To be honest, I can’t usually feel any heat when I use that option but that’s possibly because of the clothes i’m wearing.

You can literally close your eyes and while away all your stress, preferably followed by a nice bar of chocolate.

The other important point I have to make about this. Its mine and just mine. No-one else is allowed to use it! Some things in life just have to be all about me 🙂

So if you’re ever stuck for a present, or that little bit of extra cash is burning a hole in your pocket, and you feel as if you need to indulge yourself, honestly, you could do a lot worse than get yourself a massage cushion.

This post is brought to you by “things you probably never thought you’d own”

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