Celebrating National Cupcake Week – I Love Lemon Sherbet

Ok, so i’m not always about gadgets.

Sometimes, normality sets in and I do those everyday things like baking.

This last week has been national cupcake week. Now, it doesn’t take much for me to find an excuse to make cupcakes, so it being a ‘National Week’ too, I had to get the mixer out.

I found a fantastic recipe over on the Good Food Channel website for Sherbet Lemon Cupcakes and having a penchant for all things sherbet, as well as being a keen consumer of all retro sweets (translated as – I eat too many sweets), out came my flour, sugar, butter, eggs and lemons.

I won’t copy the recipe here, but the killer component has to be the frosting/buttercream.

Basically, its butter, sugar, lemon juice and the all important sherbet from packets of dibdabs and the result is quite literally lethal – a true lemon explosion in your mouth.

The cupcakes were simple to make, despite veering away slightly from the usual recipe mix I often see (not much butter used in the base recipe) and came out perfectly even in my dodgy oven.

So, not too many gadgets used here – except of course if you, like me, think a Kenwood mixer is a must-have in the kitchen – which it is, and a piping set I bought once in Lidl

lemon sherbet cupcakes

My attempt at sherbet lemon cupcakes for national cupcake week


And here they are!

And yes, there were 12 and now there’s none

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