Introducing Technology To Children. How Young is Too Young?

I’ve been thinking about how to broach this topic for quite a while and i think this maybe a recurring topic which hopefully will create some interesting opinions and views.

My daughter (LM) is 2 1/2 yrs old. She’s currently able to understand how to talk on a phone, swipe to unlock an apple device (ipod/iphone), find the videos and play the ones she wants to watch. She can also use a Nintendo DS and its pen to move things around on the screen and use a DVD player.

Babies and technology

Is there ever a correct age to introduce technology to kids?

Every so often I see articles and comments about how kids are using technology too young and I think – is LM really too young?

From a newborn, she has been surrounded by electrical devices – even her own battery-operated toys with its push buttons, lights and sounds. This is how we all live these days and I’m pretty sure if I was born in this era, I would have been the same.

Technology is not an all-encompassing evil and she’s going to be brought up in a society that is largely based around it. Probably even more so by the time she’s an adult. There’s nothing wrong with getting a head start with computers and technology – every school uses them and I’m sure she’s going to be exposed to all types of devices by the time she starts.

That’s not to say everything should be about technology, she absolutely loves her wooden and traditional toys too, but there’s a lot of educational software around and most of the games for toddlers are educationally-based.

Overall, I think there needs to be a balance between technology and traditional or roleplay toys and its a case of making sure my daughter experiences as much as possible regardless of its format.

But thats just my opinion. Yours may vary, so it’ll be great to know what your thoughts are.

I’m sure I’ll revisit this topic soon, so any comments or opinion would be gratefully received and considered


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2 Responses to Introducing Technology To Children. How Young is Too Young?

  1. Mel says:

    I used to be a teacher and I’ve seen children in nursery use a digital camera and use an interactive whiteboard. I’m all for technology that allows children to interact with it, and keeps them informed and entertained as well as educating them. That’s they way of the world now x

  2. Dawn Costen says:

    I personally think if children are interested in Technology of their own accord then any age is fine. Children love to learn, everything is an adventure! It always amazes me how easily children just seem to pick up anything and can work it! My 7 year old has a DSi, she’s had it two years now and she is truly amazing with it! I can barely turn the thing on! Also we’ve noticed that she seems to have a massive amount of respect for technology…on a whole she is a fairly destructive child :S but anything like the DS, ipad, laptops, pc’s she never treats them badly..weird but am not complaining because at least there are things that are in the house that are still intact for once!

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