The Kindle – Could I Really Give Up Paper?

Whenever I mention an e-reader, or Kindle to someone who reads a lot I can almost see the defence shutters snap into place

‘oh no no…I couldn’t use that, I like my books’

I do find this response somewhat odd. I’m not asking them to actually give up reading, or give up books. I’m just asking if they ever considered reading their books on an e-device, rather than lugging around large volumes of paper.

Then again, I shouldn’t really be too surprised. I remember when CD’s first came out.

Oh no! I was aghast! How could I replace my beloved scratchy vinyl with small discs, a tiny album cover and almost unbreakable, unscratchable metal (in hindsight its easy to say that, but my daughter has perfected the art of scratching CDs and DVDs)

Is the future of reading all in the E-ink?

Would you dare swap your books for an E-Reader?

So yes, I do understand from where my paper-loving friends are coming from.

However, the real test comes when book admirers actually start using the Kindle. The comments seem to oppose every fibre of their pulp-loving weight-lugging being.  The conclusion by most is “wow”. A tiny three-letter word that conveys everything that the Kindle aspires to.

To give some better examples:

If you’ve ever gone on holiday and taken a few books with you, imagine all those books weighing less than one small paperback. How many extra shoes or clothes could you pack instead of those books! And whilst you’re on that holiday, the Kindle in particular, has perfected e-ink. That is, the screen actually writes like ink – so there’s no constant screen refresh or backlight like you see on a laptop screen. That means, no glare from the sun to make everything onscreen invisible. Its genuinely a remarkable invention.

Aah but you like the tactile nature of the book – I can’t say that the e-reader will ever have the smell or fibrous feel of a book, but you may be surprised by the comfortable ergonomics of the device. You can turn the pages however you prefer, use it vertically or horizontally and change the font and font-size as you see fit.

Not only that, most e-readers allow you to read you library of books on whatever device you happen to have. So if you’ve left your kindle at home, you can always catch up on the last few paragraphs of the chapter on your tablet or ipod or mobile.

But I’m not really here to sell the Kindle – although it probably looks like I am right now! Just that its one of those gadgets that you might disregard simply because you’re ‘happy’ with books. And that’s fine. But if you do read a lot of books, its really something worth looking into before thinking its not your kind of thing

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5 Responses to The Kindle – Could I Really Give Up Paper?

  1. I’d love a kindle! I mean, I love books too, but the thought of having so many books at one time is a fabulous thought. I often have about 3 books on the go at any one time and read according to my mood. This would be the perfect gadget for that sort of reading. One day! :O) @Chaoskay

    • gadgetmum says:

      They really are impressive. Its a shame the UK don’t offer the advertising supported option they have in the States. About £60 and the advertising is not obtrusive at all. Still a lot tho. I’ll work on getting one for a prize in the future!!

  2. Helen O'Keeffe says:

    I’ve got a Samsung e reader thing, not as good as a kindle, but I love it! The fact that I can get a new book any time is wonderful. the biggest plus is that it is so light and takes up so little room.
    I vary between real books and e-books depending on finance and mood! I doubt the e-reader will ever take over completely but I can foresee a time when the majority of my reading is electronic!
    If some one could invent a system to digitise my existing books, for free – like itunes does for CDs kinda thing then I think e -readers would explode in popularity!

    • gadgetmum says:

      I’d love to hear more about the Samsung – I don’t think i’ve seen one. Is it colour or green screen/black and white?
      I’m with you on the idea of a service to digitise real books – that would really help. Maybe Amazon (or whoever) could offer a trade-in option – if you have the real book, they’ll supply the e-book.
      Thankfully all the classics are free though!

  3. Helen O'Keeffe says:
    This is it! OH bought it (I’d have preferred a Kindle but don’t tell him!)

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