When is a Screwdriver not a Screwdriver?

When it becomes a corkscrew

DIY giants, Bosch, have always been the people to let us know that you should always have the right tools for the job – but this time they’re not talking house renovation.

They’ve taken the world’s bestselling powertool, the IXO cordless screwdriver, and added a slightly more palatable adaptor – a corkscrew.

Yes, you heard that right – the Bosch IXO Vino is the original IXO complete with corkscrew. Bosch knows its good to be prepared for the unexpected – and they’ve certainly done the unexpected here. They really want to impress with this wine gadget.

Bosch want to make bottle uncorking as exciting as skydiving so to prove it they’ve created a couple of fun and clever interactive YouTube videos that allows you to control the outcome – will you go out of your way to impress…..or not?


Skydiving with the Bosch IXO Vino


Or to go Wakeboarding with the Bosch IXO Vino, click here

For further information visit http://www.bosch-ixo.com

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