Gift Guide – Review of the Brio Little Forest Train Starter Set From Hello Baby

I’ve mentioned a few times before that my little monster loves wooden toys – and so do I. They’re such a welcome change to the lights and sounds of a lot of the plastic toys out there and gives us a bit of quiet time.

So I was really pleased when the online nursery shop, Hello Baby, asked us to review the Brio Little Forest Train Starter Set. I absolutely love Brio products. I actually still have a Brio toy from when I was a kid – its lasted that long. We have quite a few here including a clown stacker and Brio dog and the quality is outstanding.

Quality that you would expect from Brio


Despite being as girlie as they come and requiring her nails to be painted on a daily basis at the ripe old age of 2 1/2, the Little Monster still loves her trains and planes and buses and cars. When I showed her the box, she couldn’t wait for me to open it. Actually, she wanted to open it herself.


This train set is a starter set so the track is a simple oval circuit and there is only one train. But the good thing about this is that LM could learn to build it herself – she loves jigsaws and the track uses jigsaw edges to lock into each other, so it was a perfect puzzle for her.

Just one more piece – oh no, busted!

Whilst the set is recommended for 3yr+ my LM was fine playing with it. I think the only reason its labelled for 3+ is because there are ‘logs’ on the wagon that can be easily loosened and a younger child could swallow them. But as long as you keep an eye on them, a 2 year could play with this.

The Train Starter Set is a lovely throwback to quality wooden toys that will last for years. The track construction and clever engine and wagon combination will keep your little one interested for a good amount of time however, it might be a bit simplistic for slightly more developed 3 1/2 year olds so it may depend on the ability of your child. At only £9.99 its also great value for the quality of Brio

The Brio Little Forest Train Starter Set is available directly from the online nursery shop Hello Baby. Hello Baby also sells a wide range of other baby and nursery products including baby toys, nursery furniture, travel and safety products

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