When Did I Have to Become a Master Crafter?

When I became a mum I knew there were things I was going to have to do now that never in my dreams did I ever think I would – clean up sick and poo and snot and wee, change nappies, not sleep a whole night ever again.

I knew I would have to start caring about nurserys and school admissions and organising playdates; spending a fortune on toys that aren’t played with and having to book a party 9 months before her birthday. The list goes on.

But what i didn’t contend with is becoming a master crafter. I didn’t realise that not having an A level in arts and craft was in detriment to mummys’ abilities. If I would have known I would of course had taken up glueing and painting and modelling clay early on. I would have known I needed to have constant stock of lollipop sticks, pipe cleaners, scary wobbly eyes and of course, every type of sticker ever made.

So when I went on a playdate last week I was almost aghast when I was told I would be painting my daughter’s face.


What did I know about facepainting? But the word was now out in the open and my Little Monster (LM) was hopping around, waiting in excited anticipation.

My friend opened up her new set of face paints and promptly told me they would both be butterflies. LM’s friend wanted to be a rabbit. But her mummy had duly printed out the instructions of how to paint a butterfly and that was that. Butterflies it was.

Face Painting

Apparently now I have to be an expert in facepainting too



And here’s the result.

Not too shabby is it?

I’m just scared of what’s next on the list of crafts i’ll have to suddenly be an expert in

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5 Responses to When Did I Have to Become a Master Crafter?

  1. Joanne B says:

    My 8yr old DD says ‘I think that’s good, it looks like a butterfly’ to which replied ‘that’s that it’s meant to be’ – her response – ‘then it’s good!’

    So looks like you’ve cracked the facepainting skill! Congrats! lol

    Jo x

  2. That’s lovely! Very good, it actually looks like a butterfly too. I think I’ve only ever managed a panda when I’ve tried :O)

    • gadgetmum says:

      Ooh now a panda sounds very cool. I didn’t actually want to do a butterfly either, but my friend had lost the main instruction manual and only had the butterfly!

  3. Busy Bee says:

    Booking you in for the Busy Bee Christmas party Jo. Can you get practicing your bee face painting skills please 😉 xx

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