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I was sent a lovely email recently asking to  review Sock On and Dribble Ons, explaining that whilst they’re not gadgets in the traditional sense, they were ‘wearable gadgets for your baby’.  It was really very sweet, but the reality of it was that this blog is for anything that makes our life easier, more fun or just things I like (hey, its my blog!) – be they gadgets, household products, clothes or accessories and so on.

For any mother with a young baby, especially in the Winter, one of the most annoying things has to be socks that don’t stay on. When my little one was about 4 months old and the days started getting colder, I kept noticing one foot or the other, or even both, were often bare and cold because her socks had fallen off (poor little thing). Nothing would help – not even the expensive brands, with their little rubberised soles. Somehow, those socks always found a way off her feet.

I had already seen Sock On advertised and talked about so when I was asked to review them, even though the Little Monster is now a bit older and doesn’t need them, I immediately suggested a friend try them on her newborn

Baby T with her Sock On protecting her socks and keeping her feet warm

Baby T is a very cute 6 weeks old and her mum just loved Sock Ons. In fact, when baby T came over for a little playdate with her older brother, she was proudly wearing them to show me – and they looked great. They’re not constricting at all, yet tight enough to keep the socks in place.

This is what my friend has to say:

I found this product incredible! Such a simple idea to a common problem of socks falling off babies. It does not constrict the feet and really does work!

Dribble Ons

Baby T makes a fashion statement in her Dribble On

I was also given a Dribble On to review. Dribble Ons are gorgeously cute bandanas to use instead of standard bibs. They are cleverly designed with a terry lining to draw away the moisture from the dribbling little one and are a total fashion statement for your baby! They are available in a fabulous range of colours and make more sense than a normal bib since they wrap around the sides of the neck safely, instead of leaving gaps. Fortunately, Baby T isn’t much of a dribbler at the moment, but I still think she looked cute as anything in them!

The people behind Sock Ons make some ingenious clothing accessories for mums and babies with practical solutions for annoying little problems.

You can find out more about Sock Ons

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