Gift Guide – Blue Snowflake Portable USB Microphone

If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you’ll know I have a penchant for Skype and of course, its a great piece of software over the festive season to make it easier to keep in touch with friends and family around the country, or even around the world.

A portable USB mic oozing with style and substance

I also love products that have a bit of style, as well as superb quality and the Blue Microphones Snowflake is a portable USB mic that has oodles of both. Put together makes Skype an interference-free experience that offers you the ability to talk to friends knowing there was a quality sound input from the mic – something that really bugs me when using built-in mics.

The snowflake is packaged in an easy-to-open box that opens like a book. Inside, the metallic retro design is backed up in its sturdiness and cleverness.  The USB lead is hidden within the mic’s mount which is perfect for when you’re travelling around so that you don’t lose it. You can mount the mic on most laptops or position it on its mount next to your PC

The Snowflake looks as pretty as a Macbook Air!

Setup of the mic was extremely straightforward. I simply plugged in the USB lead and since it doesn’t need a driver I could use it instantly on a Mac or PC. Both recognised the Snowflake immediately in the Skype audio preferences and I was ready-to-talk as soon as I wanted.

The microphone is also excellent if you like making Podcasts, or fancy narrating your home videos. Another use could be if your son or daughter (or even you!) want to lay down some vocals on Garageband (or similar recording software), but you don’t want to invest in professional equipment, such as Blue Microphone’s Snowball, just yet. The Snowflake is a quality mic that hooks into Garageband easily in the audio setting.

I was really impressed with the Snowflake. It folds up nicely for portability and the sound quality is first class. Blue is a brand renowned for its quality and gorgeous-looking products and at £42.99 from the Snowflake would make a lovely and festive gift for anyone that needs a quality mic for their PC, laptop or tablet.

The Blue Microphone Snowflake was provided to me for purposes of this review.

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2 Responses to Gift Guide – Blue Snowflake Portable USB Microphone

  1. It’s interesting to see how the Snowflake works, sounds a very useful tool! We’re still experimenting with the Snowball (all very seasonal isn’t it!) to see how we can put it to use. I shall not be singing with it though, rest assured! Detailed, well written review with professional photos. Love your reviews :O)

  2. gadgetmum says:

    Thanks for the comment. Its very nice – good for podcasting and skyping. I think the Snowball is a bit more of a ‘pro’ studio mic for Garageband (yeah, they’re very seasonal!!) – so yes, we need to hear some singing from you 😉

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