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Every year since I lived in NYC, we’ve made Thanksgiving – I call it ‘My Very British Thanksgiving’. I just enjoy the fact that its a non-denominational day that everyone can ‘celebrate’ without the need for gifts or tinsel – not that I have an issue with either, but sometimes I just want it to be about food.

The Vinturi is boxed as beautifully as its designed, complete with stand and wallet

And wine.

So I used this year’s Thanksgiving dinner to try out the amazing Vinturi Wine Aerator, which has finally arrived in the UK. If ever there was a wine gadget to beat all wine gadgets this is it! The Vinturi allows wine to breathe as it pours, therefore making it taste better.

I don’t know too much about the technicalities of wine, I just enjoy drinking it, so I’ll hand it over to the experts to give a brief summary explaining about the ‘perfect glass of wine’



Wine which has been allowed to breathe tastes better. As wine breathes, it opens up, and releases its intended aromas and flavours. Traditionally, decanters were used to aerate wine; however, decanting is time consuming, cumbersome and inconvenient. Vinturi’s patented design speeds up this process with ease and convenience.

The design applies Bernoulli’s principle, which states that as the speed of a moving fluid increases, the pressure within the fluid decreases. When wine is poured in the Vinturi, its design creates an increase in the wine’s velocity and a decrease in its pressure. This pressure difference draws in air, which is mixed with wine for perfect aeration.                                                                 

Put simply, the vinturi is designed to give a glass of wine a better bouquet, enhanced flavours and a smoother finish – ie it smells better, tastes better and gets rid of a bitter aftertaste.

So of course, I had to put it to the test!

Pouring the wine via the Vinturi is really easy

It was a bit like the Coke/Pepsi taste test, but with wine. I bought a bottle of Aussie red from my local Tesco’s and took out two wine glasses. I summoned my father to do the pouring – one using the Vinturi and one without.

As an aside, there’s a fascinating sound of the wine being poured through the Vinturi which makes it seem like something interesting is happening – and regardless of the outcome, with a wine accessory like this, thats important!



Its a bit like the Pepsi Challenge, but tastes better


I tasted both glasses and had to say which one I thought tasted better. Without any knowledge of which glass was which, I chose the first one I tasted and unbelievably that was the one which had the Vinturi. There was a distinctly cleaner taste – I’m not a huge red wine fan because I find the tannins do give a bitter aftertaste, but I didn’t taste this at all with the first glass.

For wine fans, the Vinturi is definitely something different to give your loved ones as a gift. And if, like me, you don’t know your merlot from your cabernet, the Vinturi really does make a difference  to the taste. It also sports a stunning clear and curvy design that sits nicely on the supplied stand, or you can store it in the wallet that it comes with.


The Vinturi can be found in a number of online stores, including Amazon and for £39.95 or less – now only £15



Buy the Vinturi Wine Aerator, Red Wine on Amazon now

But if you’d like to have a chance to win a Vinturi in time for Christmas, I’m pleased to have been given one to giveaway, courtesy of the very lovely


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113 Responses to Gift Guide – Giveaway and Review of the Vinturi Wine Aerator – WINNER CHOSEN

  1. Nicole Smith says:

    This looks so fab. Very smart too! I love drinking M&S rose at dinner parties with friends. This would look so lush on the table 😉

  2. Katie Fisher says:

    I love Rose wine. I’m not a huge fan of White but I’ll drink a White Wine Spritzer! xx

  3. andrea miles says:

    love red wine – this would be a great gadget


    My partner would come this 🙂

    Retweeted @cazzzie987

  5. Julie Glandfield says:

    Well I used to only drink Rose or sparkling white but as I have got older I am developing a taste for reds and dry whites .

  6. richard says:

    Would love one of these.

  7. Debbie says:

    Would be great for Christmas x

  8. liz denial says:

    I’m a white wine drinker but my best friend would love this prize as a red wine drinker

  9. marcus says:

    l like red wine

  10. Ashleigh says:

    love white and pink especially anything sparkling – like cava, champagne etc x

  11. Ileana Fernandes says:

    I am not a huge wine drinker but this would be a wonderful Christmas gift for a friend I know who likes nothing better than to relax with a lovely glass of white! xx


    excellent product more white wine please

  13. Jane Willis says:

    It depemds on my mood – on a chilly day like today I’d go for a big chunky red like a Bonarda, but on a warm summer’s evening in the garden I’d prefer a rosé

  14. sue says:

    Rose is my favourite but champagne isn’t bad either

  15. Dianne Parrinder says:

    would be great for christmas

  16. Mark Doherty says:

    Got to be Red, any type, not really fussy:-)

  17. Melanie Hunt says:

    white zinfandel or a nice light rose wine

  18. Duncan says:

    i cant ever go wrong with a chilled californian rosé 🙂 refreshing and light.

  19. Jay says:

    Love a nice chilled Zinfandel – I’m a rose girl!

  20. N Miller says:

    I love rose and red wine

  21. Martine says:

    A French Rhone wine is my favourite.

  22. carol phile says:

    I would like to give this to my brother as he fancies himself as a wine buff

  23. Valerie brown says:

    A Red – Pinot Noir – great !

  24. claire SLATER says:

    I like white and anything australian as it reminds me of the great time i had there!

  25. jonathan collins says:

    i would like to give it to my mother-in-law

  26. Jenny Price says:

    I like a white Rioja – had some in Spain last year – really nice

  27. Vanessa Cox says:

    I love White Zinfandel or a good white wine 🙂

  28. tony allan says:

    I like red wine

  29. Larry M says:

    I enjoy a nice crisp white wine!

  30. Angela Walker says:

    Great Prize

  31. Vivien Baird says:

    Rose is my favourite

  32. Andy D says:

    I like Red Wine

  33. Debbie M says:

    I enjoy deep red wines.

  34. Natalie Goatley says:

    I prefer white wine. Red wine gives a headachle lol 😉

  35. Louise Smith says:

    Love a good bottle of Red

  36. Teresa Lee says:

    I prefer red but I do like white also

  37. Crystal Mse says:

    I like Rose when I do have a drink but this would make the perfect gift for my aunt and uncle .

    Thanks !


  38. John Banks says:

    I love a good bottle of fine red wine!

  39. I love New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and this is usually what I buy. In winter I do like the odd bottle of Shiraz too.

  40. Paul Wilson says:

    I like a nice Chablis.

  41. Solange says:

    Rose wine

  42. Alasdair MacInnes says:

    A Rose or on occasion a red 😀

  43. Carolina J. says:

    I love red wine, Merlot and Medoc the most, preferably from Chile or France.

  44. JAN says:

    I like the Sauvignon Blanc. I do only usually drink white wine, however I will drink any sparkling wine at all too. I don’t mind where it comes from, but I lean towards the medium sweet rather than dry 🙂

  45. claire woods says:

    White wine. Cannot stand red wine.

  46. Phil Darling says:

    I’m a Red wine lover – especially partial to a Merlot

  47. Julie Picton says:

    I Love Rose Mmmm

  48. Louise Comb says:

    I like sweet wine like Christmas wine, or an Asti. It would be lovely to win this for Christmas.

  49. Ben Larsen says:

    A nice strong red, like a Shiraz.

  50. Kirsty Norton says:

    I love white or rose, my favourite wine is Asti Spumante…not very elegant or classy but I love the sweetness, perfect with a pudding!

  51. iain maciver says:

    love red wine

  52. Kathleen V. says:

    I love red wines. I love FREE wines more! Giveaways are wonderful. Tweeting about this now!


  53. Susie says:

    I love red wine. I especially look forward to a glass of red fizz, which is just that little bit different, at Christmas.

  54. LizB says:

    I love red wine, my favourites are Shiraz, Grenache, Malbec, and not that keen on Rioja – I always seem to come up in a rash the next day…!

  55. Fran Light says:

    I love white wine, a nicely chilled Pinot Grigio for example … in fact, I am actually enjoying a glass as I type 🙂

  56. linda thorn says:

    I love cava as the bubbles pop in your mouth. on my way to get a bottle

  57. Kevin Honey says:

    Cabernet Sauvignon. Most brands are very nice

  58. Karen says:

    I don’t know much about wine, and I would give this to my fil, who is much more knowledgeable about them

  59. zena sutherland says:

    Would be a fantastic prize to have for christmas

  60. laura stewart says:

    this looks very good i would give it to my mum

  61. Susan Sargent says:

    I dont drink wine . This would be a lovely present to give to my son in-law

  62. Helena Haddock says:

    I dont drink wine, but would love to give this to my mum

  63. Amy C says:

    I’d give this to my Mum as she loves her wine.

  64. Claire D says:

    I dont drink wine but I know my mum and dad would love this

  65. Adele Hill says:

    I love red wine

  66. david cavender says:

    I like full-bodied red wine-usually claret.

  67. vicky haddock says:

    I love a white sparkling wine, especially Asti

  68. Caroline Hammond says:

    i prefer red wine but at the moment i’m pregnant with my 4th child so i can’t touch a drop :o(.If i win this, my mum might be lucky if i decide to give it to her but i have an inkling i’d probably keep it for myself lol x

  69. darren edgell says:

    i love all wine but prefer the white

  70. Sheila M says:

    A great prize can you count me in to win x

  71. Daiva Preston says:

    I’m in it to win it

  72. Beverley says:

    This looks awesome! My favourite wine is white – Riesling is usually my first choice.

  73. Arabella Bazley says:

    After years of only drinking French dry whites, I am now a huge Merlot fan (all things in moderation!)

  74. Deborah Wheeler says:

    A nice glass of chilled rose preferably a white zinfandel

  75. Janine Atkin says:

    i love red wine. id love to try this and see if there is any difference

  76. Pamela Gossage says:

    I love rose wine

  77. barbara clarke says:

    love red wine and usually have a glass every night so it would be well used

  78. Anna Ling says:

    Red wine is my favourite – Malbec and Chianti are popular in my house!

  79. Laura Pritchard says:

    I don’t drink wine but this would make a fabulous present for my dad who’s a real wine buff!

  80. Dessiree Brown-Llaneza says:

    Vino Rosado every time! I cannot for the life of me drink red, it dries my mouth out too much, and even one glass leaves me so dehydrated. White wine isn’t bad as long as its ice cold!

  81. Mark Palmer says:


  82. Lottiegirl says:

    White wine – our favourite is Vina Sol from Torres (Spain), a reminder of a great holiday in Lanzarote

  83. Simon W says:

    I do like Brown Brothers Tarrango, or a nice Merlot

  84. Alison says:

    I love white wine

  85. Karen Barrett says:

    for the giveaway
    I’m a girl that’s very easily pleased, I love red, white and rose!

  86. Rebecca John says:

    Love Rose

  87. Gillian Holmes says:

    Would be great for Christmas

  88. phyllis ellett says:

    Just love Madeira malmsey 🙂

  89. Maya Russell says:

    My favourite wine is red as it goes nicely with my favourite food – roasts!

  90. Helen Cruse says:

    Once, a long, long while ago, I had the most magnificent Oaked Chardonnet in The Witchery in Edinburgh. It was so smooth, and golden, and crisp, fresh, Ooh, I fade into a dream just thinking about it! We searched for the perfect Chardonnet for months, before I thought, “just ask them”, by that time they had changed their somalier, and had no idea what it might have been! 🙁 Now, my favourite, Chilled, is Bella Luna, Pinot Grigio. Hmm, I love that! Who would I give it to? My husband, for when he is pouring my wine! lol!

  91. Karen McKinlay says:

    I don’t like wine, but my dad would love this

  92. Patricia Walker says:

    Chianti – the most wonderful full bodied red a person could wish for!

  93. R. kalhan says:

    The redder the better!

  94. elaine stokes says:

    i would give this to my cousin, because he loves gadgets and he loves his wines, (wine wall in garage)

  95. Christine Mutter says:

    I would love this. Ive just started up a wine book where I rate all the wines I have tried, im sure that this will help me with my new hobby 🙂

  96. Anthea Holloway says:

    I love a warm red Tempranillo especially at this time of the year.

  97. my favourite is rose and zinfandel..used to like red but not as much as the rose.

  98. Andi G says:

    Oooh, Rose is my favourite

  99. Angie Hoggett says:

    I love a deep dark red, malbecs are luuurvely!

  100. jane steels says:

    My husband would love this.

  101. Amanda Rose says:

    Pinot Noir – definitely! This gadget looks amazing but I’d need to do some taste tests … obviously!

  102. Georgie Aronin says:

    I would give this to my 87 year old Italian Nana as she makes her own wine and this would make her red wine taste even better.

  103. SUSAN HALL says:

    I love wine and enjoy a Marlot or a white Chardonnay

  104. Lewis Pearce says:

    love red wine – this would be a great gadget

  105. Paula Munro says:

    I dont tend to drink much wine, but my partner (who prefers red) has asked Santa for one of these for christmas – would love to win one for him just in case Santa has already got him the usual socks & books!

  106. Danielle says:

    Love a large glass of red wine

  107. Laura Carroll says:

    My favourite wine is Cherry Lambrini 🙂

  108. Cathryn Bowen says:

    I would love to win this – have tweet’d

    Thank you xx

  109. steve holman says:

    Sauvignon Blanc

  110. Wendy Guy says:

    Great for the family at christmas.

  111. mark johnson says:

    I love red wine!

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