Competition and Review – Win One of Three Jingle the Husky Story Buddies from Hallmark – WINNERS CHOSEN!

It makes sense for the King of Greetings to move into the kids story time arena and Hallmark, the greeting card company, have done exactly that by launching a range of very cute and interactive Story Buddies.

Each cuddly Story Buddy comes with its own story book and uses a clever playback technology that triggers the Buddy to speak and join in when specific passages are read aloud. Its a fantastic idea, allowing your child to bond with you and the Story Buddy as well as providing an engaging and educational experience, using technology to further enrich this traditional activity.

Hallmark Story Buddies

Hallmark Story Buddies include Raccoon Watson, Cooper Bear and Jingle the Husky

There are three cheeky Story Buddies in the current range, including the inquisitive Raccoon Watson, Cooper the Playful Bear and a Christmas Limited Edition favourite, Jingle the Husky. Each one with its own personality.

My Little Monster Got Quite Attached to Raccoon Watson

Hallmark kindly let me try out Raccoon Watson with my little monster. She sometimes takes time to warm up to cuddly toys – especially if they talk back to her, so I was a bit worried at first how she would react. But by the end, she was fascinated with Raccoon Watson,  who’s great detective qualities were no doubt in honour of his namesake from the Sherlock Holmes novels. In fact, once he said goodbye, LM was quite disturbed that he “wasn’t talking to me anymore”.

My only (tiny) niggle about these Story Buddies is that they do have a squeaky American accent. However, with Disney being a firm favourite in this house, it didn’t bother LM and thats all that matters, right?


Having an iPhone or iPad is an absolute necessity these days

Like any good product, Hallmark have expanded the exclusive cuddly characters to create their  own little Story Buddy universe, releasing additional books for Cooper and Watson for kids to collect. Hallmark have also developed a free ipad/iphone app to accompany the range. The app includes puzzles, games and a short story


At only £19.99 I think the Story Buddies have entered the market at a really competitive and affordable price. They’re lovely quality and extremely soft and cuddly despite the technology sitting inside them, (which I find often ruins the appeal of ‘talking toys’). The additional story books are £5.99 each.

Overall, I think they’d make a lovely gift this Christmas and you can buy them directly from .  Hallmark can also be found on Facebook here and you can follow them on twitter – something i’d highly recommend you doing, they’re great fun.

Win One of Three Jingle the Husky Story Buddies

If you can’t wait until Christmas though, Hallmark have generously given me 3 gorgeous Jingle the Huskys to giveaway



All the entries were put into a spreadsheet from 1-221. The winner was picked using

The winners will have 7 days to claim their prize otherwise I will choose another.

And the winners are:


Holly King

Maria Messruther

Congratulations!  –  I will be getting in touch with the winners directly

Thank you to everyone who entered. Please check my Giveaway page for some more competitions


To enter, simply comment in the box below telling me you or your child’s favourite children’s book

For additional entries:

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Thats it! Good Luck

Terms and Conditions

– The competition closes on November 30th

– The winner will be drawn at random from all valid entries

– The prize is one of three Jingle the Huskys. There is no cash alternative.

– UK only


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212 Responses to Competition and Review – Win One of Three Jingle the Husky Story Buddies from Hallmark – WINNERS CHOSEN!

  1. ryan h says:

    It might seem a little morbid but my favorite childrens book is Badger’s Parting Gifts by Susan Varley.
    A really nicely illustrated story of an old badger who realises that his old age will soon
    lead to death. His friends learn to come to terms
    with his death, it goes some way in answering little ones questions of the preperation that their grandparents may be going through and also opens up the right kind of questions to explain this difficult time.

  2. Peace at last – Jill Murphy


  3. Following you via GFC


  4. Our fav book is the Gruffalo. It gets read time and time again


  5. Following you via Twitter and tweeted


  6. Following you via FB and shared competition details – Boo Roo and Tigger Too


  7. Christine Northrop says:

    my granddaughter’s favourite book is The Cat In The Hat. Following on twitter and have tweeted

  8. Tiffany Newton says:

    Our favorite book is “On the Night You Were Born”. It is such a whimsically written book and makes each child feel wondrously special when it gets read to them.

  9. Katherine Aitken says:

    Our favourite book is ‘The Gruffalo’

  10. Katherine Aitken says:

    I am subscribed by e-mail

  11. Katherine Aitken says:

    I tweeted as @mumoffunkids

  12. Katherine Aitken says:
  13. iain maciver says:

    the gruffalo

  14. Sharon Griffin says:

    my sons favourite book is The Gruffalo 🙂

  15. Fran Light says:

    Roald Dahl’s “James and the Giant Peach” 🙂

  16. Fran Light says:

    I’m following your blog via GFC as lightfran 🙂

  17. Fran Light says:

    I’m following you on Twitter and I’ve tweeted the competition message as @LoveWinning 🙂

  18. michelle olner says:

    The gruffalo

  19. Holly King says:

    The hungrey catapiller he makes me read it over and over again x

  20. ann carline says:

    Thomas the Tank Engine Books

  21. My favourite children’s book is Dogger by Shirley Hughes. I am enjoying sharing it with my little boy now. @RedRoseMummy

  22. I am following you by e mail @RedRoseMummy

  23. I have tweeted @RedRoseMummy

  24. Hannah Moody says:

    We love The Very Hungry Caterpillar 🙂


  25. Hannah Moody says:

    I follow via GFC, RSSFeeds , and email 🙂


  26. Hannah Moody says:

    I’ve tweeted too 🙂


  27. Hannah Moody says:

    Shared on Facebook 🙂


  28. kim kirkwood says:

    mine and there kids love green eggs and ham i read it to my son before bed as he will not let me read a new book so would love to win a new one to read to him.

    Facebook name is kim kirkwood
    shared to my wall 🙂

  29. Emma Howard says:

    we love any of Julia Donaldson’s books, especially The Gruffalo

  30. Laura Pritchard says:

    My son adores Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell 🙂

  31. Laura Pritchard says:

    Following you on GFC.

  32. Laura Pritchard says:

    Following on Twitter & have tweeted @Isis1981uk

  33. Kelly Koya says:

    My son’s favourite book is Flat Stanley 🙂

  34. Melanie McNair says:

    Definitely The Gruffalo

  35. Melanie McNair says:

    Following your blog via GFC

  36. Kerry Brown says:

    my 2yr old loves The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Chirpy Chick


  37. Kerry Brown says:

    i am signed up to emails

  38. Kerry Brown says:

    i have tweeted @kerrybabyharvey

  39. Kerry Brown says:

    i have shared on on FB (Kerry Brown)

  40. batholemew , is my fave book to read to my kids

  41. just signed up too and following on email x facebook too x

  42. deborah davies says:

    my son loves the Horrid Henry books :o)

  43. sharma gaskill says:

    my daughters favourite book is the hungry catapillar 🙂

  44. sharma gaskill says:

    following via GFC

  45. helen harris says:

    My twins favourite book is “we’re going on bear hunt”

  46. helen harris says:

    I follow you via GFC 😀

  47. helen harris says:

    I follow you on twitter and have tweeted s @picklepie35 😀

  48. helen harris says:

    liked and shared on fb as helen e harris 😀

  49. laura seaton says:

    My daughters favoutire author is Julia donaldson but it is hard to choose a favourite book. I think The smartest giant in town or a squash and a squeeze.


  50. laura seaton says:

    I follow you on rss @tiredmummyoftwo

  51. claire woods says:

    Stick Man is our favourite.

  52. claire woods says:

    Tweeted – @clairew137

  53. claire woods says:

    Following via GFC – @clairew137

  54. Lisa King says:

    My toddler is In The Night Garden mad so has to be one of those books every night without fail despite her having loads of other books lol

  55. Lisa King says:

    Already subscribed via GFC and have tweeted @lisanorfolk

  56. laura stewart says:

    my daughter loves the mr men books

  57. sharon weaden says:

    My son loves The very hungry Caterpillar

  58. Erica Price says:

    Following and tweeted @ericahughes

  59. Ami Pilbrow says:

    I think my kids all time favourite book would be ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’
    Although ‘Santa has a Busy Night’ is getting a good going at the moment!

  60. Ami Pilbrow says:

    Already following you on GFC
    Ami Pilbrow

  61. Ami Pilbrow says:

    I’ve tweeted too and am already following you on Twitter. – @ami_ibrow

  62. Daisymaebee Griffin says:

    We are in love with the Gruffalo at the moment. Even Daddy joins in when we read this. My little girl adores the story and pictures so much.xx

  63. Daisymaebee Griffin says:

    I have signed up

  64. stephanie parfey says:

    Our childrens favourite books are as follows

    the nearly 9yr old loves “diary of a wimpy kid” Ive even read then all as she said they were good

    The 5yr old loves “the gruffalo” just like his dad

    the 2yr old is currently loving “we are going on a bear hunt” but she chops and changes her mind quite frequently

  65. stephanie parfey says:

    Ive joined your email subscription x

  66. stephanie parfey says:

    finally ive liked and shared this competition on to my facebook page x

  67. beverley kirwin says:

    the bfg is my niece favourite book x

  68. Mama Syder says:

    Lovely giveaway!
    Elmer The Elephant

  69. Mama Syder says:

    Following you on GFC (The Syders)

  70. Mama Syder says:

    Following you on Twitter and have tweeted @mamamakes

  71. Mama Syder says:

    Liked you on facebook

  72. Kate Cunningham says:

    Favourite book is the Tiger Who Came to Tea.

  73. Kate Cunningham says:

    Following via GFC @01592_katie

  74. Kate Cunningham says:

    Have tweeted @01592_katie

  75. Robyn Clarke says:

    Richard Scarrys Busy Busy World is our favourite

  76. Robyn Clarke says:

    Subscribed to emails

  77. Robyn Clarke says:

    Tweeted @robynlclarke

  78. Ali Louise Clifford says:

    The ever popular Gruffalo is favourite in our house! Am following you on facebook and liked and shared xx

  79. kayleigh louise says:

    wind in the willows x

  80. lexy law says:

    winnie the witch

  81. Kelly Wiffin says:

    My daughter loves the That’s not my… range of books.

  82. Kelly Wiffin says:

    I now follow you via GFC

  83. Kelly Wiffin says:

    I now follow you on Twitter and have tweeted @charliechinuk

  84. Dawn Costen says:

    Hi there

    My child’s favourite book is “Hello Dudley” by Sam Lloyd. It has a hand puppet as the main character of the book! I think my little one likes it so much because dudley is really quite naughty!

  85. Kelly Wiffin says:

    I have liked on Facebook (Kelly Wiffin)

  86. Sarah Edwards says:

    Following on twitter @princess4684 and liked on FB
    My baby girl’s favourite book is, Old Mcdonalds Counting Farm, and my Son’s is Horrid Henry 🙂

  87. Dawn Costen says:

    I already follow you via GFC and am subscribed to your email too. 🙂

  88. Dawn Costen says:

    Following on twitter and tweeted as @DawnCosten

  89. Cat G. says:

    Has to be The Hungry Caterpillar ♥

  90. Dawn Costen says:

    Liking on Facebook and have shared as Dawnie Cotlin. Thank you 🙂

  91. FionaLynne Edwards says:

    These look so lovely! My daughter’s into Horrid Henry and Mr Gum at the mo – sure she’s a tomboy at heart!

  92. FionaLynne Edwards says:

    I’m following you via GFC – Fiona Edwards

  93. FionaLynne Edwards says:

    I already follow you on Twitter @figgygee and have tweeted x

  94. FionaLynne Edwards says:

    I already like you on FB (Fee Edwards MSE) and have shared

  95. Staci says:

    I love to read the Charlie and Lola stories to my girls, and they love hearing them! My eldest (5) also loves The Gruffalo. 🙂

    I follow you on Twitter already, am Subscribed on GFriends connect, Through email, and Like Gadget Mum on Facebook. 🙂

  96. Laura says:

    The tiger who came to tea

  97. graham nichols says:

    my daughter likes the tiger that came to tea

  98. paula gwynne says:

    My children love the Gruffalo book.

  99. angela sandhu says:

    My son still loves the Gruffalo

  100. angela sandhu says:

    following you on GFC

  101. angela sandhu says:

    following on twitter and tweeted @angiesandhu

  102. lindy hamilton says:

    Maxx’s favourite book is goodnight little duck, it’s suck a lovely story x

  103. EMMA AITKEN says:

    The hungry caterpillar a favourite with all my kids x

  104. Gabrielle Svensson says:

    Favourite book is the Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales,

  105. Gabrielle Svensson says:

    I follow via GFC – kittysclearance

  106. Sandy Hill says:

    Thomas the Tank Engine (call me out of date if you must!)

  107. Sandy Hill says:

    I have joined up through Google Friends Connect 🙂

  108. Sandy Hill says:

    Was already following you on Twitter & have tweeted about the competition

  109. Sandy Hill says:

    I already liked you on Facebook – have liked & shared the competition 🙂

  110. Jamie-Lee Norris says:

    I was brought up with Usbourne Books and have always loved them so thought id introduce them to my daughter who will sit there and look at them all for hours. Her favourite is called ‘Mermaids’ and its a touchy feely book which is perfect for her age range, very colourful and lots for her to explore. Books are so important in a child’s life im just glad that my mum brought me up surrounded by books as its so easy to forget about the importance of them nowadays with all the new gadgets and toys being sold.

  111. Jamie-Lee Norris says:

    I am following you on GFC x

  112. Jamie-Lee Norris says:

    I am following you on Twitter and have Tweeted @Jlnorris2010

  113. Jamie-Lee Norris says:

    I have liked you on Facebook and have shared the competition x

  114. Beverley says:

    I love the Little House on the Prairie series. So timeless and a good history lesson as well.

  115. Beverley says:

    Already stalk you on Twitter as bev_metallica and have just tweeted.

  116. Tracy Nixon says:

    Thank you so much for the lovely review and giveaway! My children love me to read The Gruffalo at the moment! My two little girls have the cuddly toys and my 2 little boys love making the sound effects!

  117. Tracy Nixon says:

    I am following you blog via GFC Tracy K Nixon

  118. Tracy Nixon says:

    I am following on Twitter and have tweeted as @tracyknixon

  119. Tracy Nixon says:

    I am a fan on Facebook and have shared Tracy K Nixon

  120. Jennifer Schofield says:

    The hungary caterpillar!

  121. Jennifer Schofield says:

    I’m following you on twitter and have retweeted @Jenni000

  122. jonathan collins says:

    peppa pig goes to the library.

  123. jonathan collins says:

    subscribed to your emails

  124. jonathan collins says:


  125. jonathan collins says:

    liked and shared on FB

  126. clare allen says:

    when i was little my favourite book was the hungry caterpillar – my children love all sorts of books 🙂

  127. Sarah Hill says:

    My son’s favourite book is Private Peaceful by Michael Morpego. When I was young I loved Enid Blyton’s Folk of the Faraway Tree.

  128. belinda porter says:

    my children loved the far away tree by Enid Blyton
    my grandchildren like the Mr Men series

  129. belinda porter says:

    I have already subscribed to emails thank you

  130. belinda porter says:

    I already follow on twitter and tweeted RT @humanb3an Win one of three Jingle the Huskys from Hallmark UK via Gadget Mum. Enter Here:

    thank you @bella97p

  131. belinda porter says:

    I ve liked and shared on facebook thank you

  132. sarah lee says:

    My daughters favourite book is called “A very special wish” a collection of stories to share – by tiger press

  133. Ashleigh says:

    we have so many favourites – my wee boy loves dear zoo, we all love the gruffulo and father christmas needs a wee!

  134. Ashleigh says:

    i follow with gfc as mummy24

  135. Ashleigh says:

    i have tweeted as @ashlallan

  136. Sarah Ridgeway says:

    At the moment my sons favourite book is The Gruffalo.

  137. Ste Appleton says:

    following and tweeted as @mister_steven :O)

  138. Ste Appleton says:

    our favourite book has to be ‘The Gruffallo’ @mister_steven

  139. Ste Appleton says:

    liked and shared on FaceBook too

  140. Samantha Wright says:

    My 5 year old son loves ‘lost and found’ by Oliver Jeffers. We have found him a few times in his baby sister’s room on a morning sat by her cot reading it to her. So cute!

  141. Ann Willers says:

    So hard to pick just one, we love Kipper and all the Percy park Keeper stories

  142. Karen Barrett says:

    Susies Shoes is a favourite, noy well known and probably about 30 years old now, but a lovely story

  143. Karen Barrett says:

    I’m following you on Twitter and I have tweeted

  144. Karen Barrett says:

    I have liked and shared on FB
    Karen A Barrett on FB

  145. Galina V says:

    My 16-months-old son’s fave book is Louie’s Little Zoo. It has very kind illustrations of animals.

  146. Galina V says:

    Following you on Twitter and tweeted as @maximka25
    Many thanks! This Husky looks adorable

  147. Tracy Gladman says:

    Following on GFC

  148. Tracy Gladman says:

    Have tweeted – @2668looby

  149. Tracy Gladman says:

    Have liked and shared on facebook – Tracy Gladman

  150. louise apps says:

    i have liked n shared x our fav books are “i love mummy” and “i love daddy” my son loves them 😀

  151. laurence wicks says:

    have tweeted @Laus2516

  152. wendy stanger says:

    fav book is gruffalo @kikicomp

  153. wendy stanger says:

    have tweeted @kikicomp

  154. Marta P says:

    favourite book is The Cat In The Hat

  155. k walsh says:

    My 2 would have the teddy Bears Picnic before bed every night if they could 🙂

  156. Helena Haddock says:

    The very hungry Caterpillar

  157. lorna anderson says:

    stick man is my daughters fav book at the moment

  158. lorna anderson says:

    liked on fb

  159. vicky haddock says:

    The Very Hungry Caterpillar

  160. Sheila M says:

    My son loves all the Horrid Henry Books

  161. Melissa Hall says:

    Alice in Wonderland

  162. Maya Russell says:

    Our favourite book is The Cat in The Hat!

  163. Maya Russell says:

    Subscribed to the e-mail and following with GFC as M.

  164. Maya Russell says:

    I’m following on twitter (@maisietoo) and tweeted.

  165. Maya Russell says:

    Liked and shared the comp on FB (Maya Russell)

  166. Michelle Bosomworth says:

    my son loves the jungle book

    ive tweeted @pinkbling11

  167. kim plant says:

    i love gruffallo x

  168. sue willshee says:

    Our favourite book is ‘where the wild things are’. We love it (even though we’ve read it so often that it’s falling apart!) Still not sure how they managed to make a movie out of this book though. @piperanddaisy

  169. sue willshee says:

    already subscribed via Google Friends Connect as Piper and Daisy @piperanddaisy

  170. sue willshee says:

    already a twitter follower and have tweeted @piperanddaisy

  171. sue willshee says:

    already a facebook fan (sue willshee) and have shared this post @piperanddaisy

  172. phyllis ellett says:

    Our Grandaughters favourite book at the moment is Silly Barney by Anna Claybourne.

  173. phyllis ellett says:

    Already following via GFC with ID Phyllis/Gerry Ellett

  174. phyllis ellett says:

    Already following on twitter and have tweeted with @phyllgerry

  175. phyllis ellett says:

    Have liked and shared on FB with ID Phyllis Ellett

  176. Hannah Beadle says:

    My daughters favourite book is called Grumpy Cat 🙂

  177. Hannah Beadle says:

    I have subscribed 🙂

  178. Hannah Beadle says:

    I follow you on twitter and have tweeted 🙂 @hannahbeadle

  179. Hannah Beadle says:

    I have shared competition on facebook 🙂

  180. C Holmes says:

    my daughters favourite is ‘we’re going on a bear hunt’ she loves it as her bedtime story

  181. Gillian Holmes says:

    the very hungry caterpiller

  182. Gillian Holmes says:

    Already following on twitter and have tweeted with @phyllgerry

  183. Christina Michael says:

    James and the Giant Peach is a lovely story

  184. olivia kirby says:

    my 9 year old has always loved One Snowy Night, and all the Percy the Parkkeeper books, and now he reads them to his 2 year old sister and 11 month old brother. We are going to see One Snowy Night at the theatre on Saturday :-)) Cannot wait!

  185. olivia kirby says:

    signed up to your newsletter, by email, and i have joined on GFC x x

  186. olivia kirby says:!/olivia280177/status/141572398938992641
    i have tweeted and i follow you on twitter x x

  187. Paula T says:

    The hungry caterpillar is my little boys favourite at the minute

  188. Sam R says:

    Princess and i love to read Eat Your Peas By Kes Grey and Nick Sharatt

  189. Sam R says:

    subscribed to email and following on gfc samantha_ripley

  190. Sam R says:

    following and tweeted @lillyfer85

  191. Ellen Stafford says:

    My niece’s favourite book is The Gruffalo


  192. Ellen Stafford says:

    I am following on GFC @webkinny

  193. Ellen Stafford says:

    I have tweeted @Webkinny

  194. Sam R says:

    liked and shared on facebook Samantha Ripley

  195. Ellen Stafford says:

    I have liked and shared on facebook x

  196. gruffalo is the favorite in my house

  197. karmaperle says:

    The Gruffalo – have tweeted @karmaperle

  198. Emma Bradshaw says:

    My little ones favourite is Funnybones

  199. Emma Childs says:

    My favourite books as a child were the Alfie books by Shirley Hughes i loved them as a child and my children love me sharing them with them 🙂

  200. Maria Messruther says:

    our favourite is Oi! Get Off Our Train by John Burningham
    My 3yr old son loves the train and animals. I love the strong green message and the reasons behind why there are fewer animals left in the wild. Very interesting book.

  201. Maria Messruther says:

    following your blog using rss

  202. Maria Messruther says:

    following you and tweeted on twitter @mezlou84

  203. Maria Messruther says:

    liked and shared on facebook

  204. paul cooper says:

    The Gruffalo

  205. S Tilley says:

    the great big easter egg hunt

  206. Liz Potter says:

    My children have always loved “James & the Giant Peach”

  207. Penny Hevey says:

    Winnie the Pooh – A A Milne

    …..wonderful ………..

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