Toilet Training Day One

So today is the start of toilet training. Its half-term week and we have about 7 weeks before we go on a cruise so its an absolute necessity the Little Monster is dry by then – else there’s problems with the kids club.

We’ve tried before but aborted quickly since LM was getting a little freaked and we started having disasters at bath-time (not something I want to go through again)

If anyone has any hints or tips, please let me know because so far the LM is very happy to sit on the potty and the toilet, only to wee a few minutes later on the floor. Every. Single. Time.

I’m guessing i’ll be going gadget-free for this particular experience.

Onwards and upwards and here we go!


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2 Responses to Toilet Training Day One

  1. Helen O'Keeffe says:

    oh God, I don’t envy you! The only tip I can give is go massively over the top if she manages to do anything in the potty. Phone Daddy at work, go and tell the neighbours (make a complete fool of yourself) – all out!
    Unless they want to do it then it’s really difficult to do…

    good luck

    • gadgetmum says:

      thanks for the vote of confidence! She just sat in the sofa I usually sit on and pee-ed all over it. Proud of herself she was!

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