Give me Some Paper to Shred Now

I was going through some old post the other day and started to shred some bank statements. I totally forgot how liberating paper shredding could be! It was absolutely great fun, definitely the gadget equivalent of popping bubble wrap.

Paper Shredding Fun

I could shred for hours. Give me some paper now! (image taken from

I have a ‘confetti’ Rexel home shredder. Its not the most powerful shredder around, but then, its just for home use. But I do test it a little to see of how many pages I can put through at a time without choking it to death – I’ve already broken one shredder in the last 2 years. I must  admit I got to 3 sheets and decided not to push my luck.

Everything about shredding screams ‘tension reliever’ – from the actual noise and motion of the paper shred, to the lovely soft confetti paper that remains in the bin. And for us geeks, you can reverse the paper too – yay!

So my recommendation for when you’re having a particularly bad day – get a cheap shredder and shred away! Use the confetti remains as stuffing, or just recycle and it’ll make you feel so much better.

Failing that, you could always get yourself the fantastic BubbleWrap Calendar for that once a day bubble popping fix, or just pop online to your hearts desire

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