An Apple A Day – Preferably Sliced and Cored

I’m not a lazy person, but I do like things that make life easier, even 10 seconds easier.

And I love my apple corer, absolutely love it. Its another one of my favourite kitchen gadgets.

Cores and Slices Apples

My lovely red apple corer

I bought it a few years ago at Ikea (who’ve since redesigned their’s and is now green) and if someone would have told me that slicing and coring apples is much more fun than just biting one I would have laughed in their face. But they’d be right.

If you’ve never seen or used a corer, you simply place it over the top of the apple and push down. It neatly takes the core out and slices it perfectly. I actually feel like I’m eating more of the apple, because i’m one of these people that when I feel like I’m about to hit the pips, will stop eating. Less wastage for me with the corer.

However, one of the best uses of the apple slicer is for kids. Its great. I simply slice up an apple, put it on the plate and they can pick up and go. Its a much cleaner option and if your little one, like mine, has a tendency to not eat the skin, instead of spitting it out (like she would normally), she eats it like an orange and merely eats the flesh. Not the ideal solution, but it makes for a happy and less whinging child! The corer is also safer than having a sharp knife hanging around (although it can be sharp so be just as careful)

So by all means, call me lazy, but I’m very happy with my little red apple corer

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