Giveaway – Win a £50 Voucher for Red Letter Days Courtesy of

The energy comparison team at have kindly offered Gadgetmum readers the opportunity to win £50 worth of Red Letter Days vouchers!

Saving on your energy bills is a comparison website, helping you save over £1000 on your household bills

To win, simply answer the question by commenting on the post below. Follow the simple instructions using the Rafflecopter widget. Extra entries are available via twitter and Facebook.

good luck 🙂
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20 Responses to Giveaway – Win a £50 Voucher for Red Letter Days Courtesy of

  1. Jane Townson says:

    I walk rather than take the car when ever possible.

  2. paula burnside says:

    I always try to find another use for everything, rather than just throwing things away.

  3. Gillian Holmes says:

    Use grey water on the vegetable garden.

  4. kathleen hooper says:

    we now only run one car and walk/ cycle/ use public transport wherever possible

  5. I recycle as much as I can

  6. mellissa williams says:

    I reuse bags, I live in Wales and each bag costs us 5pence each anyway so we thinking about taking one. I have started to mend clothes rather than throwing them out too

  7. Jayne K says:

    recycle what I can

  8. Karen Barrett says:

    Every time I receive a plastic charity bag through the door I have a look in my wardrobes and cupboards and put at least one item in the bag.

  9. Aimee Ryan says:

    Most of the things I buy are second hand these days, from clothes to gadgets. It’s saved me tons of money and the quality is usually just as good in my opinion 🙂

  10. Hannah Moody says:

    I’m planning on buying some EcoForce products to help me use less water when doing the cleaning around the house. I particularly like the sound of the washing up brush which will stop me from running a massive bowl of soapy water when I only have a few things to wash up 🙂

  11. Ness Gorton says:

    We recycle as much as we can, our council are great for taking virtually anything away so nothing goes to waste & very little goes in landfill.

  12. julie kenny says:

    I re-cylce as much as possible and use the car only for long journeys

  13. emma cella says:

    I ride my bike rather than take the car when ever possible.

  14. Jo Young says:

    I recycle and walk as much as possible, plus I only buy the food we will definitely eat to avoid waste

  15. melanie crumpton says:

    i make my children recycle their lunch packaging

  16. kerry Locke says:

    Reusing – Re-cycling and cutting down on our fuel consumption by riding our bikes everywhere ….

  17. Emma J Lowe says:

    rather than chucking out old clothes which no longer fit or no longer like i take them to the local womens hostel, they are always welcome of them.

  18. Christina Marriott (@Chrissy4116) says:

    We reuse plastic bags as much as we can

  19. Sam B says:

    Thanks for posting that interesting infographic. I’m guilty of overcharging gadgets! Didn’t realise they only take about 2 hours to charge so will be more mindful of this in future. The worst thing I think I do in terms of gadgets is watch TV and use the laptop at the same time – I’m going to try to just do one at a time!

  20. Hayley Fountain says:

    I recycle or reuse what i can x

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