The Gift Guide – An explanation

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be featuring products that I’m including in my gift guide.

The products will be a mix of things I own, items that have been sent to me to review or mention, products I’ve found online that I like the look of and basically, anything I find that I think would be a nice gift for Christmas.  I might just run a few giveaways as well!

Most of the products will be gadgets – some may just be nice gifts, but mainly they’ll be gadgets, toys or accessories of the technology, kitchen, home or kids kind. I’m hoping most will be affordable – nice presents or even some stocking fillers but there will be a few big ticket items just-in-case you fancy indulging this year!

I’ll try not to bombard you with loads of gifts, but hopefully enough to give you some ideas if you’re stuck for something to buy. Enjoy 🙂


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