I Digress: Dormens Wasabi Peanuts

‘I digress’ is my way of featuring my ramblings on topics that may not be gadget or ‘easy life’ related. It might be about food  (most likely), or sport, or just a photograph or anything that tickles my fancy.

Basically, its my excuse for going ‘off-topic’

For my first digression I would like to profess my love for Dormen’s Wasabi Peanuts.

Dormen Wasabi Peanut

these wasabi peanuts are guaranteed to blow your mind

I was fortunate to win a number of Dormen’s savoury products and am gradually snacking my way through them all. I thought I’d hit the jackpot when I tried their Japanese Rice Crackers, but it was the Wasabi Peanuts that truly blew my mind. Quite literally actually.

I love Wasabi peas. The stronger the better. But I’d never really thought i’d be kean on a peanut format. How wrong could I be? Dormen have got the crispness just right. I was worried, being a peanut, it might be too soft on the crunch, but the wasabi shell really helps.  The strength of the wasabi is also just right, not cancelling out the peanut taste but hot enough to clear my head within seconds.

Dormen – I thank you!

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2 Responses to I Digress: Dormens Wasabi Peanuts

  1. Claire Toplis says:

    I think the Washabi would blow my head ! I shall be brave and try them…

  2. Mr Rupa says:

    Lovely Nuts, which JD Weathersppons in Tamworth used to do. Alas after having asked for them over servaral months they are never stocked. Its funny people order the hottest curry but will say they are not hot enough and order salted nuts!

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