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Gadget-Free: I Tried, I Failed

I just went 24 hours without a mobile, ¬†without a laptop, without TV, without an MP3 Player, without an e-reader, without radio. Can I just say, I never ever want to do that again. I failed miserably. My fingers started … Continue reading

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My Drool List – The Apple iPad 2

I’ve been holding back a bit on this, although why I’m not sure. But with the recent news about the passing of Steve Jobs, I feel now is a good time to finally post this. Anyone who even slightly knows … Continue reading

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Sleeping With My Gadgets

I’ve just been thinking how much I rely on technology these days. Probably more so than ¬†I first thought. In fact, just thinking about it gets me wired up. As I traipsed upstairs at stupid o’ clock the other night, … Continue reading

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Introducing Technology To Children. How Young is Too Young?

I’ve been thinking about how to broach this topic for quite a while and i think this maybe a recurring topic which hopefully will create some interesting opinions and views. My daughter (LM) is 2 1/2 yrs old. She’s currently … Continue reading

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