Giveaway – Win a Customised Pair of Cufflinks from Ring Jewellery

If you read this blog, you’ll probably know that I love personalised products. There’s something really fun in being able to own something unique and its always great to be able to create something bespoke as a gift.

So when Brighton-based jewellery designer, Ring Jewellery – specialists in gold, platinum and titanium rings – offered Gadget Mum the opportunity to giveaway a customised set of cufflinks, I wasn’t going to turn it down

Ring Jewellery specialise in bespoke jewellery, offering customers the ability to create rings using any metal, any stone and to every budget. They are also jewellers to the stars! They have designed custom links for the likes of Theo Walcott and George Lamb amongst others – which you can view here . Footballers definitely like having their shirt numbers on their…well..shirts!

I find it quite difficult to buy for men – there’s only so many times you can get away with a tie, sweater or socks! So a bespoke pair of cuff links offers something really unique – and you can literally customise them how you want – be it a photo, piece of art or just some wording thats special to you.

To win a pair, simply let me know the following – If you could design any cufflinks, what would they be?

Follow the rafflecopter instructions below to enter and good luck!
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Giveaway – Win a £50 Gift Voucher for Experience Days

Imagine a day of rest and relaxation, hot tubs, massage, manicure..

How good does that sound?

Experience Days is the leading provider of unique gift experiences, whether you’re after excitement and adventure, driving and flying, or just a day to pamper yourself. Experience Days have kindly offered Gadget Mum readers the chance to win a £50 gift voucher to use on their site.

The gift voucher can be redeemed against any of the gift experiences on their website – and the choice is huge.

Just having a quick browse, there’s plenty of options – from chocolate making workshops (yum!), abseiling for the more adventurous, or if you’re like me and want a day to yourself, then put the money towards a lovely spa day at some of the gorgeous locations available.

So, how do you win? Well, thats easy. Simply follow the instructions below

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Review – Puzzler World 2012 for Nintendo DS

I love puzzles. no, I really do. I was a bit of a maths nerd when I was younger and would happily do pages of maths puzzles (really? I’m admitting this?), but I also loved word puzzles and remember going through wordsearch magazines, codewords and I even started to do crosswords (gasp!). However, that was many years ago and to be honest, I don’t do too many puzzles anymore. I think that puzzle part of my brain went missing when I had my Little Monster.

But when Puzzler World got in touch to see if I wanted to review their latest game for the Nintendo DS, Puzzler World 2012, I must admit, a little bit of me jumped like a kid, whilst the rest of me thought – yikes! puzzles! I’m a bit rubbish these days.

puzzler world

Loads of puzzles to keep your brain twisted

Puzzler World 2012 continues in the same vein as their hugely successful series, with over 1200 new puzzles varying from dead easy to really quite hard.

If you just simply like puzzles, its very straightforward to go into the game and start playing. However, to make it more interesting, there are bonus games to unlock, hints to collect, trophies to win. and challenges to master. With two modes of play, the game offers a standard challenge mode and a much tougher master mode which you unlock as you play.

There’s a huge variety of puzzles on offer, including familiar ones such as wordsearch, crosswords, suduko and codewords as well as some newer formats such as Pathfinder and Suko. I did tend to choose the puzzles I was more comfortable with and would be less inclined to look for one I’d never done before. But maybe that’s just me. Ultimately, if you work your way through the game, you’re going to come across puzzles you’re less confident about so its probably good to try them regardless.

Simple gamescreens make it easy to work your way through the game

Overall I really enjoyed the game. Its a great ‘pick up’ game when you just feel like challenging yourself. Its very simple to make your way through the gamescreens so if you’re not confident with handheld games consoles, it doesn’t take much learning to figure out how to play.

A big plus is the handwriting recognition tool – a total bugbear for me in some  games! Its absolutely excellent and I rarely, if ever, had an issue with the game in not picking up the letter I wanted to write.

The only negative I would have is that the instructions for some of the games aren’t that clear. There is a manual with clearer instructions on how to play, but the onscreen directions are quite poor. I still have no idea how to play games such as Link-A-Pix and Dropzone and I wouldn’t always (if ever) have the manual with me to reference instructions.

It would also be great if there could be 2-player games and make it more competitive, but I’m sure its something that could be done in the future if Puzzler World decide to go in this direction.

However, i’m nitpicking here. Its obviously not a game for diehard action, strategy, platform or sports gamers. But its a great game for people like me with a few minutes of spare time every so often to pick up the DS and challenge myself every so often.

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Giveaway – Win a Fitbit Ultra

Just before the New Year, I posted a review on the fantastic Fitbit – a personal fitness gadget which has recently featured in the World’s Top 50 Most innovative Companies by US business magazine Fast Company.

The Fitbit Ultra

Win a Fitbit Ultra

The Fitbit acts as both a diet and fitness monitor wrapped up in a tiny, but gorgeously designed widget that you keep on you through day and night. You can then sync it up with your Fitbit diary online. I found the Fitbit highly unobtrusive and easy to use – its also extremely addictive and in conjunction with the Fitbit community, you can chat and meet other Fitbit users.

I’ll let Fitbit themselves explain it to you a bit more:

The Fitbit Ultra is an activity tracker that monitors steps, distance, sleep patterns and even stairs climbed via a state-of the-art altimeter, and includes an on-device display for real-time feedback. The information it collects automatically syncs information to a personal web profile on, helping those looking to get and stay fitter and healthier to monitor and manage their daily activity and to remain motivated.

Each user has a personal profile page at that shows all current and past information and trends for steps taken, distance travelled and calories burned and incorporates a food database for calorie logging. is fully integrated with all social networks. A weight management support tool, Food Goal, is also included which dynamically changes based on activities you complete during the day and calories consumed.  Compatible with both Windows and Apple OS, the personal pages are also accessible through both free Apple and Android apps (the latter to be available from April).


Fitbit has now launched in the UK and are currently running a major promotion on ITV’s This Morning all week. In conjunction with this, I’m very excited to say I’ve got a Fitbit to giveaway here on GadgetMum.

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A Very Belated Happy New Year

Just a short post to say – i’m still alive!

I hope everyone had a fantastic new year. I haven’t abandoned this blog at all, I’ve just been away over the holidays and getting back to normality has taken me longer than I thought.

I will however be writing a bit about my travelling experiences with a two year old – on a long haul flight and on a cruise and how we ‘coped’!!

So in the meantime, please bear with me!! I promise some new giveaways, new reviews and I might even just write some of my babblings about nothing in particular…or maybe about gadgets.



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